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It is time to clash dimension and bring on one interesting team, hence why there are two people tagging into review BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle out on the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. How will this game stack up?

Beast here will take care of the offline portion of the review which is like an amusement park. You start off the game with a standard avatar that you walk around and check out each stand that will offer different aspects of the game. You will only be allowed to customize your avatar, title, and status by connecting to the network. The avatar you start with will be Ragna, but as you play the game you will earn in-game credit to unlock other characters, colors, and so on.


BB Cross Tag Battle takes you on an original story arc that will be in episodes across BlazBlue, Rwby, Persona 4 arena, and Under Night In-Birth. I have to admit this is not my favorite part of the story being that I am already used to arc system works showing off cinematic animes, but we are subjected to full voice over the slideshow. In that, there is this entity kidnapping fighters for their 37th Annual Keystone Scramble Tag Battle Tournament. That is all you pretty much need to know. Now the boss fights at the end will be some crystal robot entity that will attack with you some fierce blades and the occasional mirror image enemy. It is not that hard, but it can be annoying.

The story was just filler to me and that’s why I went through gained my trophies and acquired an idea of what the combat is like. However, the meat of the game is in the Tactics Mode which is my personal favorite. You want to go into the lab this is where you need to begin your training. Here you will have your Basic training with ten different lessons, your practical application to getting to know special moves and attacks, characters where you can learn each and everyone’s abilities then finally missions to take what you learned and use it to get the victory. This is your full proof plan to get gud and earn more points in the customization shop. Each lesson will make things even more simple as you mostly utilize the five buttons for your attacks and team attacks. Since we are on the PS4 you will use the Square and Triangle for your attacks, circle for a tag attack or special ability and X to switch between characters. Combine Square and Triangle to do a charge attacks.

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Lastly, you have a Vs. Mode where you can compete against the computer on any difficulty outside of practice mode. Really throw yourself into the ring there and see how you match up before you hit the online field and on that segway I pass that portion on to Kikee.

Well guys, summer’s officially here! And you know what that means, new season, new releases. And for all you anime loving, fighting game fanatic, Rooster Teeth fans, boy does Arc Systems have a game for you. See they’ve decided to take crossover to a whole new level by taking over three games and a popular web series and mixing them up in the development bowl, popping that baby in the oven, to serve up a fresh new title which will satisfy player palettes aplenty! A new refreshing take on the crossover fighters, BlazBlue CrossOver Battle is definitely a must-have for summer 2018 gaming collection.


For those of you who grew up on 2D fighters, ya’ll know first hand that crossover games never look good in the graphics department. Gỡ bỏ khả năng bắt đầu & springs và clashing art styles Cross Battle bared no exception to this rule. You can clearly see the quality variations for a sprite. Because all the levels are 3D, it is not as noticeable compared to how glaringly obvious it is with the sprites.


As mentioned above, Crossover Fighter = Re-Use. The soundtrack doesn’t break this rule either! As far as soundtracks go, nothing too special here folks. If you played any of the games in this crossover or watched RWBY then that’s where you’re getting your tunes from. But the good news here is all the music from each series is really good.


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The one thing I appreciate the most about the combat is that rather than go with a full-on BlazBlue System, Arc Systems decided to play around with this system. If you’re expected to jump right into BlazBlue, then get ready to get that mental notebook ready for some notes. Even for P4A and UKIB characters, the move has been changed around to fit the new system.

Another great thing about the combat is players can jump right in and mash their way to victory. And for all you hotshots & and technical buffs. The assists and Cross Attacks also make for some pretty intense gameplay; and when your back is against the wall, there’s an overdrive feature which can make for a complete rubber band effect.

Now I know that Arc Systems online can be a bit iffy at times. But I had no issues getting matches online during the beta which is a huge plus. If you are familiar with DBZ Fighter, or Guilty Gear Xrd then you’ll have no problem navigating through the lobby, it is the same general set up.


Beast speaking for himself right now and I have to say this is the first time I am enjoying a BlazBlue game, I was more guilty gear in my past and gave the first BB a shot on the Xbox 360, wasn’t that much of a fan. The mechanics of this latest installment and the added characters, especially the RWBY crew has me pleased. I do hope this leads to their own fighting game which would be awesome, but for now, you can join me in Battle. I will leave the final Score to Kikee.

Kikee gives BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle a 4 out of 5, because it has a lot of content and its fun. Its made for both users rather than just catering to certain gamers. I hope you enjoyed the tag team review and be sure to join us sometime to go a few rounds.

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