Born with a Controller: Frezzno Grace

There are times we have to appreciate those select players out there that rise above and beyond. Those that want to do something different, but never get the recognition they deserve and here we are where in a community of some top notch fighters that are pretty salt-free. I consider anybody a warrior with a controller be it FPS, Fighting, Racing, MMO or other. You put in work you will get recognize, so welcome to this revamp segment of  Born With a Controller.


I tend to go around trying to find those select few gamers that have that good soul about them. The ones that are there to bring the fun and still have a bit of that challenging spirit. Frezzno Grace, I met through a mutual friend of Kinetic Sapphire, but we will showcase her stuff later. Now we are going to start things off with one of his stick montages of Street Fighter V created by Frezzno himself.

There is something about gamers that try to give other players the spotlight and in that above video, he made sure to give those great matches their spotlight. I am quite impressed with the amount of players given “GG” without any problems like some players out there do. I will admit there is some trash talk and that is fine because at the end of the day went the salt clears there is still that GG given.


The plan next is to have a proper sit down with him to talk about his life as a gamer. In the meantime hit up his youtube channel and enjoy the battles. Till next time gamers, stay frosty!


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