Born With a Controller Interviews Deadeye

This is the best way to go out of April since this is the last week and all with an awesome interview of a shout caster in the Hardcore League Deadeye. What is a shout caster? Well, I am glad you ask, pretty much they are eSports commentators that give you the lay of the battlefield or play by play of what happens in the game. So far I have witnessed FGC casters, Moba casters and some Gears of War caster, but never have I witnessed one for Battlefield ever. This is a game that needs it the most with over 64 players and a huge map that is full of competitive players. It was cool meeting a lot of gamers across the board in the Gamers Community discord which you should check out and now get a sit down with a new gamer telling us their journey on how they became who they are when they realized they were Born with a Controller.

I like to thank Deadeye for taking the time to sit with us during his busy schedule and please be sure to follow his journey even further on the links below.

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Also be sure to check out his shout cast live this Friday during the Battlefield Community Xbox One Melee only event starting at 9 pm GMT. Details of the event can be seen by clicking here. Be sure to check out Gamers Community where you can meet and squad up with all sorts of gamers in any game. So who will be next to interview in May? Have I one hint from a certain Lunchbox Founder maybe? Or it might be you, if so just leave a comment on this post and be sure to subscribe to the page by adding your e-mail in the subscription box to the right of the screen. – Beast Out

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  1. Rohit Joshi says:

    Great watch! Loved it.

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