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Happy holidays everyone and welcome back to another interview as we continue out quest to find gamers to share their “Born with a controller” origin stories. This will be our fifth interview which is quite interesting and kudos to all gamers that are willing to share their stories. Here we are with Elly Honda who I knew for a while now since Playfire and thankfully I caught her before Final Fantasy XV released, because she is now on an epic journey road tripping with Noctis and his crew, fighting for the free world. Besides, you can’t resist this game and the amazing visuals. In that please enjoy the interview.

As stated I met Elly during my later journey to find more gamers to interact with on a site called Playfire. It was pretty cool and we hit it off pretty well. I just don’t remember if we got into any games at the time. I do remember her passion for all things RPG and of course her Love for the PlayStation. She had this adorable picture of her hugging a PS3 and I thought, “That’s a gamer right there indeed.”

All right as we start things off, what is your first memory of your first experience with gaming?

Elly: There were games in my household ever since I could remember. I recall being around 2 years old, and my older brother would constantly shove an NES controller in my hand, trying to get me to play Mario! I remember hearing the death jingle quite vividly…(laughs)

So you were the player two of that household. Which point did you move up to player 1?

Elly: Well, my brother had to go to school during the weekdays, and instead of watching tv most of the time, I was left playing NES games!

Oh snap, taking advantage of game time. So when did you realize you were born for gaming? What as that game that opened up your potential?

Elly: When I played Final Fantasy VII in 1997. That game pretty much taught me how to read. It was over for me from the first cinematic. I was hooked.

That was a historic moment for the PS1. Is Final Fantasy your Favorite RPG series?

Elly: It’d be unfair to say no, as I buy each new FF release religiously! I even like (dun dun dun) FFXIII! However, there are many wonderful RPG series out there! Like Ar Tonelico, Fallout, and the Tales Series!

Ah, I see that is respectable. Were you part of the console wars? Did you have a specific system you supported or it did not matter?

Elly: I would say that I was a hard-pressed PS fan for a long time. However, console wars are mostly irrelevant to me. I’m a gamer, not a PS, XBOX, or Nintendo Rep. Besides, I mostly game on PC, now, anyway. I WILL, however, call out the lack of features or things that I think make no sense. For instance, The original Wii not having an HDMI output port…

This is true, most companies fall off at times, but respect to you sticking with just gaming title. Besides gaming what are other things that you are into? I remember you cosplayed when I first met you.

Elly: I cosplayed a few times, but it’s just something I do very casually every so often. Other than games, I’m very into God (Jesus)! It’s why I call my page, “Elly Honda GG” its a bit of a play on my hobbies/love (Games / God) and good sportsmanship!

Oh, that is actually cool and I did not know that. So, how did people in your life support your craft? Was there a lot of support or just from a small group?

Elly: Although I wasn’t super close with my parents growing up, they never discouraged me playing games. I think they liked that I was inside and not out somewhere in the streets in trouble, so it was all clear for me and gaming! I was always a much more serious gamer than most of my peers (even though none of them took my serious because I was “a girl”, and “girls don’t play games!) until high school, so I didn’t really have a group of gamers to hang with until then. I love communicating with and enjoying other gamers, so from that point on, I surrounded myself with them!

I feel you on that one. What games are you currently looking forward to at the moment?

Elly: Final Fantasy XV comes out in a day! So I’m super excited for that. Even though I’m worried about what happened during development, I’m still super excited for The Last Guardian. They’re porting the Danganronpa games to PS4 early next year, and Yakuza 0’s English release is soon! It’s such a good time.

Love the anticipation. Anything you want to say to the new generation of gamers or any new comer to gaming?

Elly: If you’re playing MMORPGs or MOBAs for a long period of time, try to get up after each half hour and do some jumping jacks, planks, etc. Stay healthy out there, guys! I guess that’s for everyone.

(Laughs) That’s the first time someone said something like that. I dig it. Thanks for taking the time to sit with me on this segment. Be sure to check out Elly’s page where she hosts podcast for events like E3 and PlayStation Experience as well as sharing her gaming adventures with the masses. Just head on over to Elly Honda GG on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this segment. We are coming close to the end of the year, but if you would like to share your story, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Stay frosty gamers!

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