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Felt the need to do two interviews this month one being that this special lady was far overdue for the spotlight. I once again am at a loss for how I officially met, but I do remember the circumstances of how I helped her back in the day which I will not go into. Thankfully Victoria Dobiyah a.k.a Miss Kanzuki was kind enough to remind me of our first meeting and our long time friendship. It was when Injustice came out and streamers had made their own lobbies for people to come into to play. I joined yours close to when it was over for the night but I sent you a friend request to say next time you all were streaming, let me know because I wanna join. And from there we became friends!

12140676_764359037043093_7246853504120921605_nTonight we have the honor of meeting with Victoria Dobiyah a.k.a Miss Kanzuki and for those of you that do not follow Street Fighter, yes that is exactly where the name comes from. First time I met her was during the time I first played Injustice and yes she schooled me with great honor with her skills as Hawkgirl as I was using Green Arrow. After that, a friendship was made and I am proud of all her accomplishments since then. Victoria has now moved on to the world of Street Fighter V where she has been perfecting her skills and learning all the combat trade of Karin Kanzuki, but let us hear her origin story of being Born with a Controller.
All right Miss Kanzuki, what was your earliest gaming memory?

Miss Kanzuki My earliest memory was in the third grade, a woman in her 40’s named Patricia used to run the after-school program I was in. Someone had donated an NES to us so we had access to Tetris, Bubble Bobble, Super Mario Bros., Megaman 2, and so many more games. My fondest memory was competing against her in Tetris because she would beat all of us! She showed me that you can be a female and an adult gamer and that it was OK.

So one would state that was your gaming mentor in a way?

Miss Kanzuki Absolutely! It was more than the games she taught me because I was a tomboy back then and got into fights when boys made fun of me. She taught me to control my temper and to just “walk away”.

Wish I took that advice. Sounds like a powerful influence that all of us could have used. So when did you realize that you were born with a controller? Meaning when was it set that you was about that gaming life?

Miss Kanzuki I was once engaged to a guy that HATED the fact that I was a gamer. There were times I would lie and say that I was not feeling well or did not want to go out that night. Instead, I was gaming. It was after lying for almost a year that I felt miserable because I was holding back something that was a big part of who I was. If I could not be me, then he didn’t really love me. Among other issues that manifested, I eventually broke off the engagement and promised that I would never downplay myself like that again.

That is sad when someone tries to take away your passion in such a way instead of embracing it. Were you part of the console wars of old? Or did you not take sides?

Miss Kanzuki I didn’t take sides. My neutrality was more so due to the fact that I did not grow up with parents that bought me many things so I really was not in a position to be “picky”. I was happy to play on any console, all the same!

I feel you on that. Funny how you say that because some would say the war was brought about by those that could not afford more than one system so they back it up the best they can vs. others. But let’s go back a bit, you mentioned your struggles, how was being a woman gamer involved with those struggles. Did you have to deal with a lot of ridicule?

Miss Kanzuki Yes!!! Again, going back to the tomboy thing, I grew up seeing boys as competition, not love interests. Even now, I still feel that way. At most, friends are like younger/older brothers. However, the way the FGC is, it seems as if I am “fronting” when I talk about trying to level up in the fighters that I play. When I ask about frame data and whiff punishing I’m not trying to impress you, I am trying to not go 0-2 at any given tournament that I may plan to enter.

Whoa, we have ourselves an FGC player here. Aight so it is safe to say that fighting games are your main passion. What other genres do you enjoy?

Miss Kanzuki(laughs) Yes, Sir! I enjoy historical-themed RPG’s, namely the Dynasty Warriors series. Also, international ones like the Yakuza series.

Oh snap, the new Yakuza 0 is coming out soon, I know you are excited. Who would be your favorite character in the series?

Miss Kanzuki Yes, Tuesday I plan to make a trip to GameStop to pre-order it! I usually see who is my favorite as the story mode progresses. To me, it always depends on the character’s growth throughout the story.

I respect that, and it is an in-depth series that I got behind for years. Now to quarter circle back a bit. What was your first fighting game that brought you into the gauntlet and what made you stay?

Miss Kanzuki Hmm…my first fighter was Street Fighter Alpha 2 that I played as a kid, but back then I knew nothing about the technical aspect of fighters. Mortal Kombat 9 was the first game that I played back in 2011 when I was introduced to the FGC. An entire world I never knew existed, I have pushed and learned so much about myself in these last five years as a result. Even now, I have a long way to go. To “where” exactly I am trying to go in the FGC, I do not have a goal except perhaps to compete at EVO one day.

That is an ambitious goal to have and I know how tough the FGC can be. What kind of changes would you hope to accomplish in the FGC if you could?

Miss Kanzuki I would like to be an example of “gaming with honor“. Shortcuts, cheating, underhandly trying to hinder someone’s focus, etc can lead to dramatic situations. I want to create a haven for those who have no other intention but playing for the love of the game. I think that by conducting myself in the manner in which I do at tournaments would set an example and would be that one small step in the right direction.

Well, seeing your skills first hand I believe you can make that happen. In that, I noticed that you have other skills that seemed influenced by your gaming and I am talking about your cosplay work. What brought that about?

Miss Kanzuki Thank you! Actually, I dabbled a bit in sewing back when I was 9 and made a Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha 2 costume. I went to private schools as kids so I had extra schoolgirl clothes on hand. Back then it wasn’t “cosplay” that I knew of, I just wanted to be like my favorite character. Kitana was my favorite in MKII that I played as a kid so I would sew tiny costumes for dolls. I still cosplay every now and then but I do not love it as much as I used to in all honesty.

Well, I am sad to hear that, if anything you could make costumes for others since you are good at it. In terms of favorite characters, I was curious why you favored Sakura, Kitana, and Kanzuki?

Miss Kanzuki I can definitely tell you that I favor Sakura and Karin Kanzuki because they were schoolgirls like me and liked to fight (Laughs) As for Kitana, she is classy and badass. A woman that I could only aspire to be like despite being a fictional character.

Most fiction inspires reality so do not knock it. Seriously you have been great sticking with us for all these questions. I would like to ask if you would share any words of wisdom for the new people entering the FGC or the gaming community?

Miss Kanzuki As well, I am honored you took the time to inquire about my gaming goals and opinions, so thank you. If there is anything I could not stress more it would be to take yourself seriously and believe that you can be a game changer. You do not need anyone’s permission to be successful.

Gamers all around of applause for Miss Kanzuki and thank you for taking the time to sit with us to share your story. This segment is always fun getting to know my fellow gamers and I hope sharing your stories brings comfort into your gaming life. This also goes for the new people, we gamers are human beings that enjoy a digital challenge with different digital journeys. Please feel free to hit us up on our Facebook page and message us if you want to be interviewed. Also be sure to check out Miss Kanzuki’s Youtube channel here and her Twitter feed right here.

I hope to see you next month to see who else will share their story on how they were Born with a Controller. Stay frosty gamers!

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