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Happy Spring to you all and welcome back to another amazing interview for Born with a Controller. You know the segment where we interview gamers and talk about your digital origin story into gaming as well as what kept them gaming. So far we have interviewed 6 players and now this is the first time we say hi to our gamers overseas with Kellie a.k.a VulpixVixenKelz who has a strong group on Facebook called Battlefield1 Xbox One Community. It is a magical place where those like myself that had trouble squading up on Xbox One Battlefield 1. So far the community is chilled, everyone is friendly and the admins are down to Earth. Thanks to one of our management team members Lady Ar5enic who said, “you know you should interview Vulpix, she is mad cool.” So, we agreed to a voice interview and with the magical talents of Minddust_1792 in the audio department here you are.

It is always a pleasure to chat with gamers and see where their gaming journey first started. So, how about it? What is your story? I am looking for gamers to chat with each month. I hope to hear your story next. – Beast Out

Follow Vulpix:

FB Group: Battlefield 1: XB1 Community

Twitter Page: @KellieLyttle

Twitch Page: VulpixVixenKelz

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