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I have met a lot of great people during my gaming life and I started this segment to share their incredible stories with the rest of you. Can you remember your first gaming moment? Or when you first discovered your first secret in a game? How about your first great boss fight? I am pretty sure many of you have a great story to share. This time around we are sitting with Lena a.k.a xRed_Soulx who I first ran into many moons ago and I have to admit the first thought when I saw her was, “Damn, I wonder when she knew she was born with a controller?” This is Lena’s story.

Kuma: I know you are quite busy and I do thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for the site. So as a first icebreaker, what was your first experience as a gamer?

xRed_Soulx: My grandmother used to babysit me and my sister. My uncle was about 12 yrs old and he was heavy into video games. I would watch him play for hours (although he wouldn’t let me play until I got older). As I got older, we used to play together – my parents saw how playing video games kept me out of trouble so they eventually got me my own system.

Kuma: See that is dope and what was your first system of your own? Your situation is similar to mine, my uncle would not let me play until I got good on his NES.

xRed_Soulx: My sister (who’s older) had the NES, Super Nintendo, and N64. I was given the PlayStation.

Kuma: Oh, sounds like a sweet upgrade from 16 to full on CD Graphics. So what game that you completed on your own that made you feel that you were born with a controller? For me early on was Ninja Gaiden 2 on the NES, grueling week trying to battle through those missions.

xRed_Soulx: When my uncle introduced Me to the Legend of Zelda. That had to be the hardest game for me. You actually had to think, it wasn’t just mindless run through.

Kuma: Now that is pretty good, challenging and yet satisfying. At what point did gaming lead you into your career now.

xRed_Soulx: I went from write tech reviews for a site called, G Style. I then asked if I could start writing game reviews, the owner didn’t mind and became the Gaming Editor for that site, and its sister site called, Tech We Like.

I wanted to start covering tournaments since I was attending them. At this point, I started writing for another site such as Gamurs.

While constantly talking about eSports, I was approached by the CEO of Vanquish gaming. He wanted to bring me on as Human Resources, I stayed there for about 6 months, then was offered a position with Mutiny, another Human Resource position which quickly changed to General Manager since the players felt comfortable with me, and I was already taking care of their needs on a daily basis. I left Mutiny last year, and because so many players trusted me, I began to manage them. I started with four players which quickly grew into teams and more players.

Kuma: Much respect growing to such a degree having your own players. How is it managing teams for eSports and how many games to you usually deal with?

xRed_Soulx: Thank you! It’s a challenge that I don’t mind. I need to be available at all times for them if something happens, or they need something I need to make sure they get what they need, especially if they are away at a tournament. I usually deal with 4-6 different games.

Kuma: Sounds like they become more like family and I am glad someone cares about players which I see you do a lot. Have any favorite moments at events?

xRed_Soulx: Some say I care too much for my players, but they trust me to get them where they want to be in their careers. I don’t like to fail, so if I can’t get them into the organization they want, or the contract they want – I feel like I failed us.

My favorite moment has to be when I surprised one of my players with his jersey at the tournament. He wanted to join this organization so bad, I lied to him and told him that they didn’t want him at this time and that I would keep looking for him.

We ordered his jersey. I got there early so I could catch him before he played. I walked up to him and pulled out his jersey and said Congratulations, you did it! He hugged me so hard I turned red. After that, you couldn’t tell him anything, (laughs). It was a nice surprise for him.

Kuma: Wow, you did something amazing. I am impressed. In that being said through all your accomplishments is there anything you want to say to future players out there?

xRed_Soulx: Thanks! Although I joke around with my players, I’m also strict. So if I’m asking you to do something, don’t fight with me, I’m asking you to do it because it will benefit you in the long run.

I know I can be intense sometimes, but I will also go above and beyond for my players.

Kuma: Much respect. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat. You having an amazing story and glad you shared it with us.

xRed_Soulx: Of course, we go way back. I’ll always make time for you. Thank you for having me, I really appreciate it.

It is always a pleasure to chat with gamers that have a lot of heart and those that have made great accomplishments when all it started with was their origin of when they became a gamer. I love the path of when it started to where it took them. I hope you will be the next person I interview next time and be sure to check out xRed_Soulx on her twitter feed to keep up with her events and her players progress. -Beast Out-


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