Bravely Second demo launches today with a unique combat system

The demo of Square Enix’s highly anticipated Bravely Second: End Layer is coming to the Nintendo eShop today. What the Bravely Second does better than other RPGs is groundbreaking game play mechanics alongside traditional moves and abilities. The Brave and Default battle systems are unique in their own right with an innovative way of both strategizing and speeding up your battles. It’s basically a balance of risks and rewards. Let’s say you know you can defeat an enemy in 3 more turns, you’d take that advantage of “braving” where you can take those turns. If you fail, then the enemy will be able to go for 3 turns.    bravely-second-troll

Careful timing of when to Brave and Default can seriously affect your game play outcomes. Defaulting puts your players on guard and gives you an extra turn, or Brave Point (BP). Furthermore, Bravely Second does something else innovative and unique to RPGS: it makes grinding automated and efficient.

There are stacking multipliers where 1-turn Victors can start off at 1.5% more EXP per battle, then increase to 1.8% which pretty much eases the player into leveling up. While having a victory steak gives the potential for more EXP, BP does not reset and thus each battle is consecutively more challenging. Not to mention there are automated battle setups where players can set up custom made move sets and even set up custom job/ability/equipment configurations. There are over 30 jobs and abilities that makes for endless combinations

Players are also able to send out and receive a move set to aid other Bravely Second players when they’re in trouble. Bravely Second has another StreetPass feature where you can collect Villagers to help you rebuild a town for special items and experience. Similar to other city building titles, each landmark will rebuild as you proceed in regular game play.

Try out the Bravely Second demo launching today for the public on the Nintendo eShop. Best Buy Gamer’s Club members have received earlier access beginning March 7. Why should you download the demo if you are already going to pick up the game? Well this demo explores a side story not available in the full game. If you are completely new to the Series, you’re in luck because the demo of the predecessor, Bravely Default, has also returned to the eShop. Bravely Second launches for Nintendo 3DS on April 15.



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