Brook Mars Wired Controller for PS3, PS4 and Switch

I laughed at the thought when I was younger of a universal controller that can be used on all systems. It was a childhood thought of mine to own that powerful controller where you don’t have to do much configuration and it is just plug in only. I love it when years later you hear one of your ideas become a reality because you get the impression that someone out there with the means feels the same way as you do.

I will try to keep this intel brief because it feels like I just stumbled upon some top secret Area 51 kind of technology. Most of you know that I have reviewed a few Brook items before and I was shocked to stumble upon them going into controller tech now. This is a great idea and looking at the video which I will provide you eager gamers. I noticed that it is also supporting PC as well and that is fantastic. Let’s take a look at that video.


  • Headset support on PS4
  • PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch compatibility. PC support via X-Input
  • Automatic console switching for PS4, PS3 and PC
  • Interchangeable cross, faceted and disc d-pad
  • Manual console switch for Nintendo Switch
  • Combo Key for PS4 Touchpad function
  • Rumble function support on PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch and PC
  • Motion control support on PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch

Mars Wired Controller will have all the bells and whistles a gamer will need, but it is too bad this controller can’t cross the threshold of the Xbox One. That would be asking too much, however, since it is PC compatible there could be a software update to make it compatible with the Xbox One. So far the site says it is pending on arrivals, but it will go for a reasonable price of $44.99. I was expecting more, but I am glad it is at least affordable, but I will try to get my hands on one to review for you thoroughly in due time, but in the meantime, you can click on this link for further details.

Thank you for checking out this short preview of this new controller from Brook and I hope to see you next time. – Beast Out

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  1. TimHuang says:

    I’m a Tim from Brook.
    If you wanted a Mars Controller to write a unboxing view, I can offer one to you.
    Thanks you .

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