Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta After Thought

The first thing I did on Tuesday night when I finally got the beta code was of course redeem and download…and at 4am it was done, but I had to get ready for work… #FirstWorldGamerProblems. Either way, I got a chance to get into some deep action when I finally arrived home, my first thoughts were that I really need to wake my FPS gamer self up. I want you to join me on this opinion piece as we venture off into the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta featuring some intriguing and funny multi-player situations.


Hi, I am your host Kuma and we are going to go into this third installment to the Black Ops series with the Multiplayer beta which is released right now only on the PlayStation 4. We plan to touch base on the good, the bad and the annoying. However keep in mind that this is a bad, so most of this opinion piece will touch base on what’s good, what’s new and what is the most interesting.

The main question going through most gamers and haters of the series is: What has been added that is new? After Black Ops 1 the series went into a more futuristic combat style gameplay with wrist grenade launchers and other perks to give it that semi-future edge. This time around they are going more the cybernetic route with special classes to choose from. As of right now we can pick up four classes each featuring two perks that you will have to unlock with tokens like everything else.

I myself started off with prophet who had a specialist ability called the Tempest. The tempest is an one hit kill electrical weapon that if fire will chain with nearby enemies to give you a multi-kill. Even after a few seconds the person is still in shock the effect can still harm someone passing by. The weaponry in the specialist category are all overpowered for now and luckily they do not last that long with some only having a one time use. Ruin for example has a supercharged stomp that can only be used once and the meter has to build up again before a second use.

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This is a nice touch and the reason is the fact that we already have perks and killstreaks to worry about. The specialist ability is an extra edge on the field as long as you can build up the meter fast enough to use it for your advantage. It is a nice tactical touch to use at the right time and even after your death you will still have it available as long as you are not currently using it.

One of my fellow gamers Blazed_Maniac wanted to share her thoughts on the beta.

“One thing I like even in beta is it feels like black Ops. It does have some cool new stuff and it doesn’t overpower the game-play like AW did. The wall running adds a totally new play-style to the game that is both fun and challenging for yourself, along with awareness in the game. The game winner has to be the simple fact of underwater combat (laughs) never been done( besides in a campaign). I’m excited to see other maps in the full game to see if they did any other cool features.”

To give you a glimpse of the combat, check out this video below.

I still need a lot of practice though, but so far the game is pretty decent with more customization than I expected. I have spent hours trying to customize the guns with different and unique paint jobs, but the problem fails to the limitation in the paint areas. There are some guns where you can fully paint and those with such a small paint window that you won’t even bother. I hope they fix that feature and let us go to down on some creative designs on the whole gun. So far my favorite characters are Ruin and Prophet because they are pretty badass. I steered away from some of the OP characters like Sparrow and Scythe who both wield some strong weaponry. That Bow and Arrow with the exploding arrow heads and Scythe with his chain gun arm attachment are some scary opponents. The great news after a while were servers finally became stable and getting into matches was better than the release day of the Beta.


All and all I am digging the adrenaline rush as well as some of the unique features that were inspired by other titles. Let’s be clear, just because there are some elements of another game implemented into a new title is not a wrong concept. If it helps to do something unexpected and gives it a fresh feel then by all means go for it.

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That was a fun weekend of a Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and looking forward to the release on November 6th, 2015. Definitely hit up Video Games NY or our friends at for digital copies and other great items. I hope to see you on the battlegrounds this fall. Stay frosty gamers!

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