Capcom vs SNK: Mark of the Hype

Hey Folks its Kikee here again ready to get you hyped about two of fighters coming out this year. I’m talking Capcom and SNK! You know they teamed up to make two awesome games back in the day and now they are having two big releases in the same year! Street Fighter 5 and KOF 14 will be coming to us this year and although we’ll get one sooner than the other it’s still an all-out hype war. But before we just let are biases for either Capcom or SNK get the best of us, let’s analyze the two; ya never know a few minds could be changed.

Street Fighter 5


Now it’s time to put some of my Capcom biases by putting it first. I’ve played almost every SF ever made so at this point in the game I’m an expert at analyzing the series. My favorites of all are SFA3 and Third Strike. Now let’s take a look a SF5.

Graphics: Upon first look the graphics look like SF4 except Capcom had more time to flesh things out. I feel it’s like what SF4 was supposed to look like in a sense. Now to be honest they do look okay but it’s nothing mind blowing or eye popping. Some of the levels however do look very pleasing on the eye. So much so it might distract me while playing for just a moment. So graphically SF5 could just have a lot of little things that help make it great.

Animation/Mech: It looks like most of Capcom’s time has been spent on the animation, and fighting mechanics in the game which will give it a huge step up from the previous installment. Personally USF4 felt slow, and clunky. I understand that it’s not the 2D SF that I had been accustomed to, those game were a lot faster and had better mechanics for the most part. With that being said SF5 exhibits quicker and crisp animation. Super animations are a lot faster as are all the moves now.

Kind of embarrassed myself there, but I won. (laughs)

Characters/Other: Now the character roaster makes me feel like this should have been called SFA4 rather than 5 considering all the alpha faces you’ll see in this version. Birdie, Karin and R Mika make it in but the lack of Abel disappoints me, eh but that’s nothing the next edition won’t fix. And lastly SF has a story mode now which is actually what I’m most hyped about. Let’s honest SF fans does anyone really know the full extent of the story, or even care for that matter? Beyond the terrible cartoon and abomination movies SF had all I know is Bison is bad (laughs). So I am looking forward to see a story to a game I’ve been playing for years and never really cared to know about.


So SFV is on the verge of winning my heart being the Capcom gal I am but what about SNKs bid for my affection? Check in on the competition!




Now I must admit I got into SNK way late in the game compared to a lot of my friends. I really didn’t know anything about SNK until Capcom vs. SNK2 where I was trying to figure out who the other have of the screen was. Then once I got my hands on some SNK titles I wasn’t a fan of the inputs but the hot bishounen characters kept me in it. The last installment of KOF, 13 took many fans off life support after KOF 12 put them there in the first place. So is KOF 14 a leap forward or a giant step backward.

Graphics: Compared to its last installment KOF 14 has one major difference than 13. KOF 13 was 2.5D which is not the case with KOF14. Remember that really bad 3D KOF, Maximum Impact? And it’s sequel nobody asked for Maximum Impact 2? Well KOF 14 goes 3D again. But does this impact the graphics. It now has to be analyzed from a different standpoint. It feels like some of the characters had more attention put into it than other. For example where Iori looks great compared to Benimaru who looks like a low budget Jackie Bryant. The levels are interesting. They do not blend in with the characters which is a good thing. So far things look okay.


Animation/Mech: Now like I said I haven’t been into KOF too long but KOF13 was amazing. The animation was like an animator’s dream. It was smooth, clean and there was little things but into that amazed me like Shin Woo’s backing back animation made to fit his character traits. Now here’s where KOF 14 falls short compared to SF5. The animations appear clunky and slow. When doing combos it looks frozen. So the animation could definitely be more flushed out.

Other:  Here’s where SNK beats out Capcom. The trailer says 50 fighters. In a time where a lot of games often DLC half a roster SNK doesn’t disappoint! There are more than enough fighters with different styles and moves to keep the newcomers and diehard fans coming back for more. As far as the story goes I still to this day have no clue what’s going on in KOF, I would need a college essay on the KOF13 plot to understand it. KOF14 will also be getting an anime movie and live action series to go along with it. But SNK fans are all too familiar with that it’s just Another Day to them.



It looks like both of these titles are sure to win over some hearts here. Where one falls short the other does it better. Now I’m obviously on the Capcom hype train because they have been good to me for so many years. But I will inform readers on all things KOF 14 so who knows. Which one are you ready for?

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