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Dear Non-Black Cosplayers


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Disclaimer: Strong use of language in this article and not suited for younger readers.

Look, I know you don’t know me, and I’m new to this whole writing thing. Regardless, we’re going to learn about this together. This is the thing, I’m a cosplayer. When I say I love to cosplay, I mean I really LOVE to cosplay. I’ve been doing it for some time now, and I’ve seen that the community has a problem. Being a bi-racial person (black/Asian) and cosplaying someone who isn’t my skin color, I’ve been called the black version of [insert character]. It happens a lot. It’s sad and off-putting, but it happens. I’ve seen a black cosplayer dress up as a well-done Link, and this guy continuously called him Black Link and Dark link.  The PoC cosplayer corrects him, but he continued to do it until the cosplayer stalked away. This is one of the problems black people face as cosplayers. Now, let’s look up the definition of Cosplay.