ChromaVaders First Impressions

I am a gamer that enjoyed the 8 bit and 16 bit genre quite well. The best part of this day and age is that those games can be enhanced with smoother controls while keeping to the classic art style. Enter the developers at Corundum Games introducing a new take on top down shooters and drop down puzzle games. I present to you ChromaVaders.

ChromaVaders Best of Both Retro Worlds

Picture two of your favorite games just running at one another making a big bang that forms a new type of video game. In ChromaVaders you use a startship that upgrades through time shooting enemies that turn into blocks. This is where the strategy comes into play where you need to match up each color sequence to win the match. 

You will have to dodge fire from said enemies and dodge the blocks. The time I had playing had me thinking quick on my feet while I was making errors in not lining up the blocks properly. It was nice using the retro fighters SNES controller that worked well and showed what demographic audience they are going for. 

Had the pleasure of speaking with Jesse Talavera-Greenberg who gave me a quick run down of the game. I enjoyed his passion towards where he wants to see his game come out on which he is trying to get it on the Nintendo Switch. Being that it also has a well played 2 player mode it would be ideal on the switch to have the option to be played at home and on the go with a buddy. 

It is a great competitive couch game that will challenge your mind. It has a classic art style that I enjoy as a veteran gamer. 


Friendly developer that showed off a fun game that you can try out right now. You can go to this link and play the browser version or download a demo of it on either Mac, Windows and Linux. I am wishing them the best and hopefully I will see their game on the Nintendo Switch at my local stores or digital market place.

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