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Greetings comic book and dc fans all around I am Kuma as you know or at least I hope you know me. Either way welcome to Kuma Kreations Entertainment where I am going to discuss this problem with the new Killing Joke cover of Joke putting a smile on Batgirls face. I know I am late to the story, but I have been in the hospital for a week and many people were asking my opinion, so why not start now.


For those that do not know there is a new 52 version of the killing joke and the cover has been getting a lot of negative attention, but lets go back in time for a bit. The Killing Joke was first published in March of 1988 where we see the darkest of the dark of the Joker going against batman to push his buttons. I mean this was a dark story where The Joker Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, strips him naked and puts him in the hands side show freaks. On the other side we find out how Bat-girl a.k.a Barbara Gordon loses her legs to the hands of the Joker. It becomes creepy when The Joker strips her naked and begins to snap pictures of her while she is bleeding out. I knew as a kid that Joker was evil, but this blew my freaking mind.


Now that you know what really went down in The Killing Joke, why is there a problem with this cover of Joker scaring the carp out of Bat-girl? You do realize that he is a super villain with a psychotic nature right? At this point in his life you can say that the Joker went through some breakdown questioning everything that he has done up till this point. In the story we get a glimpse of his past and why he questions the way he is and the ending joke was fantastic.


In the end folks this cover is not that bad at all and really shows the dark humor of the joker. Stop the crying for minor things, especially when showing off comic book art. It is all fantasy and nothing to worry about. In that I say grow a sense of humor and leave the creativity alone. Stay frosty!


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