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Kirby, er, I mean The Matrix, no, Tron…..GAH!! What is this game!? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s a refresher to the platformer genre of games. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see if good ‘ol Trickster can convince you to play this game after this review. Let’s enter The Matrix, er, Tron, GAAHH!! Copy Kitty! The game is called Copy Kitty, let’s go.

I went into this game completely blind, meaning I didn’t know who made it, what kind of game it was, or if you can play it with a controller (you can btw, but I digress). Anything I learned from this game prior to playing it was from its trailer. It looked like if Tron and The Matrix had a baby, and the baby mixed up play dough, and the game was that play dough. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is great and I’ll get to why in a minute, but let’s talk more about it.


When I say it’s like The Matrix or Tron, I mean it’s visuals. And the only way to explain the visuals is to explain the story. So there’s this cat girl….wait, don’t leave yet. This girl’s name is Boki and it’s her birthday today. She gets a present from her uncle and it’s revealed to be a “military program” or a game of some kind called FLUX. She immediately gets sucked into the program upon activating it and enters into The Matrix, and then immediately Tron with a MegaMan Battle Grid to boot, visually speaking of course. Then this guy pops up named Savent (another playable character) who may or may not be her uncle, and he trains her so she can defeat the thing with the thing and blah blah blah. To be honest, the story is kinda stale, but players don’t play a game for the story (most of the time), they play for the gameplay, got damn it!


Speaking of gameplay, the mechanics are just like Kirby, Kirby 64 to be specific. You can, as the name implies, copy enemies’ powers once you defeat them. You can carry and combine up to 3 at a time, making the possibilities of powerful combination attacks almost endless and I like that. Not many games use the Kirby copy ability which as a game developer I understand why. You can also kick, dodge roll and duck. The almighty power of ducking!

There’s also Endless which as the name suggest is an endless battle of enemies and bosses. The level is constantly being generated so no one run is the same. It also has plenty of extras: there’s the database which holds all information about the enemies and bosses in the game. There’s an art gallery where we see sketches, concept art and original art from the creator, but you have to unlock them by doing certain achievements in the different game modes. We also have, get this, modifiers! Yup, modifiers. If a hard mode isn’t hard enough for you, then you can use these modifiers to change up your gameplay. There’s also a sound test, stats, oh, and you can save screenshots and replays. Although the replays area still needs a little work to it since some replays can’t play due to various technical difficulties. Don’t worry, with programs these days that record games, I see no need for a replay function. But it’s still nice to have it. Oh! And here’s the best feature in my opinion even though I haven’t tried it out yet. You can make your own levels! Now you can make a ridiculously hard level just like in Super Mario Maker! Yay! Seriously, though, the creator put a lot of love into the level editor and archiving the enemies. It’s a little tricky to work it, but it’s very flexible.


So I have a couple of minor issues with this game. Let’s get the big one out of the way; the visuals. So much stuff is happening at once on the screen which can be very distracting. Luckily the creator gives the option to turn down the brightness and opacity of the background to make everything else stand out, unfortunately for other players with no patience, it’s not a default option, so it’s more likely that those players will find themselves lost on the screen, lose and rage quit. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, it’s not that bad. My other issue is more of a personal issue but WHY THE HELL DO YOU GET HURT BY THE ITEM ORB THING!?! Again, exaggerating. You only lose 1 HP when hit, so if you’re on your last leg of life, make sure to HIT the orb and not TOUCH it. Funny thing is you get an achievement for doing that.

copy kitty

^^Perfect example of a lot happens on the screen^^

So here are my final thoughts on Copy Kitty: it’s pretty good. Like I said before, there should be more Kirby-like games because it’s a good system, a hard system to make but still a good system. It has its flaws in its stale story and arguably alright graphics, but the gameplay itself is awesome. So, I give Copy Kitty a generous score of 4 Paws out of 5. I recommend this game to anyone who likes platformers or Kirby games and if you want to see this game in action, I’ll be playing it mostly on the weekends on my Twitch channel here and my YouTube channel here. This has been Trickster on another review and until next time, Let’s Make Magic!

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5

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