Croixleur Sigma Teaser

It’s Teaser Time! That’s right folks I have a peek for you, and boy does it look cute. I’ve never heard of it but by the looks of it Croixleur Sigma seems pretty interesting. It’s got that Madoka Magica meets Skyrim vibe in the sense its cute magical girls laying the smack on dragons.

As far as the gameplay goes it looks like the player can roam around freely during combat which looks like it works pretty well. The monsters have a kingdom hearts kind of vibe and there seems to be a good amount of weapons to choose from. Lastly for an anime game on the cutesy side of the spectrum the graphics are easy on the eyes. It is bright and colorful with swift quick animation. Looking forward to reviewing this one!


Croixiuer Sigma is available now, check soon for our review.

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