Dark Souls: Remastered and Soulcalibur VI Released

Let me start off by saying this is not clickbait title since of course, we have two amazing games out right now this week. Bandai Namco is giving gamers two different genres which one is coming to the Switch and the other is a History Long Told. Where to begin?

Bandai Namco Release Dark Souls Remastered on the Switch!

Oh, I am expecting a lot of swearing from Nintendo Switch Users on the go since Dark Souls Remastered is coming to that home/portable console. This is a good move to give the Switch more top rate titles, especially with his mobile feature.

DARK SOULS: Remastered includes updated visuals and inclusion of the Artorias of the Abyss expansion bundled with the main game. Explore the twisted land of Lordran where tormented souls are lurking around every corner ready to put an end to a hard-fought journey. The unique portable nature of the Nintendo Switch means that players can level up their characters away from home in handheld mode and land the finishing blow of a boss fight on the couch in TV mode.”

Get ready to Dodge Roll newcomers to the Dark Souls game on the Switch will have to be ready. There will be a dark forest to uncover, fortress filled with traps, poisoned filled shanty town and so much more. It will be up to you to fashion your warrior with whatever equipment that will help you survive.

There is more released news on the Dark Souls front with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Dark Souls Trilogy released.

  • DARK SOULS: Remastered
  • DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin™
  • DARK SOULS™ III: The Fire Fades™ Edition

You will get all this goodness in a nice steel book case and it will include all the DLC for $79.99. It is the definitive Dark Souls experience that you all can enjoy.

Soulcalibur 6 is Finally Here!

“The SOULCALIBUR franchise has been the premier 3D weapon-based fighting series since the original SOUL BLADE released in arcades in 1995. Utilizing the power of UNREAL® Engine 4, SOULCALIBUR VI retains the series’ signature 8-Way Run movement system, delivers super smooth 3D movements, and integrates new gameplay mechanics for newcomers to the franchise such as the Reversal Edge system. The Reversal Edge system enables new players to challenge more seasoned players; once initiated, both characters enter a rock-paper-scissors mini-game to see who will come out on top to deal large amounts of damage. SOULCALIBUR VI will also present a challenging single-player mode; while offering players the opportunity to compete in multiplayer mode against friends or challenge fighters from around the world in dynamic battles presented with jaw-dropping visual effects.”

We are going back to the 16th Century where we revisit the events that happened in the first Soulcalibur game. There are so many features to get into and as of right now I took advantage of the create a character. My character a demonic being who handles a bo staff like Kilik which is pretty much my main. However, every fighter must hit the lab and so far there is a pretty good tutorial that will help master your skills.

“The SOULCALIBUR franchise is steeped in lore and embodies a long legacy of ground-breaking weapons-based gameplay that has set the franchise apart from other games in the fighting genre for decades,” said Mark Religioso, Brand Manager for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “SOULCALIBUR VI builds upon this great legacy with a stellar lineup of characters and weapons, additional storyline progression, and knock-down drag-out fun!”

Be sure to pick up your copy right now in either standard edition or deluxe edition. Be sure to check back for our review coming soon. I will also be doing a live stream this weekend of my skill building of Soulcalibur VI on twitch.tv/beastgamerkuma. – Beast Out


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