DC Universe Online Goes to the Switch

You read that right, DC Universe Online is coming to the Nintendo Switch which I am not totally shocked. The information was just announced like, “Oh hey guys, yea DC Universe coming out for the switch….bye!” (Laughs) Either way, more reason to get the Switch as Nintendo is blowing up with massive content on this console. Since it is mobile it gives it a slight advantage, but don’t get too excited when it comes to DC Universe Online because it is an online game. A strong internet connection would be needed. 

DC Universe Online full Circle!

I have not played in a long time for personal reasons, but I was there from the beginning of earning all my Year One stuff with my colleague Mechanic, who was a hardcore player. I was a tank mentored by Batman utilizing ice powers, glide and super strength. It was an interesting game going through the stories and special events. All the way up to the 30 level cap and beyond with many of the raids as well. Great game and met some amazing people. 

Now since its 2011 release, there has been a lot of content for new players to get into. You can also play as a villain with there mentors from Lex to Joker. The world is your playground to save or destroy and I might hop back into it when it drops. 

The sad part is that there is still no crossplay which this game desperately needs and would excel at. DC Universe Online is now available on all platforms and yet you can’t play together which is a missed opportunity. I could go into a full rant about it, but rather you share your thoughts on this title coming to the Switch. Will you be picking it up? As of right now, E3 is around the corner and I want to see what this new Nintendo Switch is going to look like or if they will announce it. 

Good time for Nintendo indeed. – Beast Out – 


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