DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 1 – 7 Review

You know how most spin-off shows never make it past the first few episodes before being cancelled due to it being compared to its predecessor and never being as good? You know how crossovers can easily fail if not done right? This is both a spin-off and a crossover between The Flash and Arrow and so far, it’s breaking those stereotypes. Welcome to another review from me, Trickster, and this time we are tackling DC’s newest show Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s get into it!


I love crossovers. They’re amazing and it opens up so many possibilities for both shows, but it’s really easy to mess up and not execute it right. Legends of Tomorrow series is one of those rare spin-off crossover shows that do it just right. Now the show consists of not main characters from Arrow or The Flash, but recurring characters which consists of Ray Palmer (Atom), Sarah Lance (White Canary), Professor Martian Stein and Jefferson (Firestorm), Kendra (Hawkgirl), Carter (Hawkman), even villains like Mick Rory (Heatwave) and Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) all lead by an original character to the show named Rip Hunter.


The show is basically about Rip the time traveler who wants to stop Vandal Savage from taking over the world in the future, so he recruits eight unlikely heroes to help him defeat Vandal through time and space. At first, some of them were reluctant to go on this very dangerous mission, but eventually warmed up to the idea once they heard the true reason why Hunter wants to take down Savage, which I will not disclose here because I respect not spoiling the show for those who haven’t seen it yet. I will say however they have been following Vandal Savage so far in the 70s and the times of Soviet Russia. They even went to a future Star City and seen future Oliver Queen (Green Arrow).

The great thing about a crossover is the interactions between all the different characters. We see how they work together, how they don’t get along, how they get along too well and how well they fight together. There were some arguments between Stein and Jefferson when Stein surprisingly kidnaps Jefferson to go on this time adventure against his free will. We even see some very interesting disagreements with Rory and Snart when they head to the future and again in outer space. At one point, there’s a some-what of a love triangle between some of the crew that I will not spoil for you guys, but in my opinion, it kinda seems unnecessary. But hey, everyone needs some love now and then.

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I can’t say I expected younger Stein to be so “cool” and “far out”, but it gave me a surprise when we figured out that he likes to “party”. Are these subtle hints not helping? Well watch the episode and you’ll find out what I’m talking about. Speaking of younger versions, we get to see a little kid Leonard Snart before he became a villain. He tries to stop his dad from getting himself in jail, but ultimate to no avail and nothing really changes.

So far, this show is, for lack of better word, freaking awesome! To be honest, this is the closest we are going to get to a Justice League type of show, for now anyways. This show is making a very bold move to be a spin-off, a crossover and dealing with time which if done wrong can leave a lot of people pretty confused. But so far, they are doing a pretty bang up job. I hope we can see more amazing character development, more revealed backstories and more future time travel. Speaking of which, next up has got to be future Central City, or maybe even future National City? Only time can tell! So far, I give DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s first 7 episodes 4.5 top hats out of 5. Let’s hope for some more amazing episodes in the future and until the next review, Let’s Make Magic!

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