DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 8 Review

There is racism, sexism, and talons? It must be the 1950s. In this episode and they don’t act shy around these topics. Trickster is back to take on another episode of the awesome cross-over of a show Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s get started!

I absolutely LOVE this episode. The gang is back on the trail of Vandal Savage and heads to 1958 Oregon to try and stop him again. This was a time of non-open-minded people and the gang is full of diversity; black, white, women, gay, etc. This makes for a very interesting set-up for our heroes as the episode pokes at the sensitive topics in that time period.


First off, Kendra and Ray pose as an interracial couple moving into their new home and already some folks in the neighborhood feel uncomfortable about their relationship. On top of that, for non-spoilers sake, a certain someone happens to live in the neighborhood making their little cover rendered almost useless. Moving onto Jackson but still on a racial issue, he tries to get closer to a victim of a car crashed relating to Savage to get more information of said person. Almost immediately, everyone around him gives him complications because of the color of his skin. Lucky for him, the victim, who is a teenage girl, takes a liking for him. It probably has nothing to do with her going out with someone no one would approve of making their relationship in that time “taboo” which would make her excited to date him. Yeah, it’s probably not that.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Night of the Hawk" -- Image LGN108b_0116.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and Melissa Roxburgh as Betty-- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

But that’s not all who’s having a grand ol’ time in the 50s! Sara Lance and Dr. Stein pose as a nurse and doctor respectively in order to get closer to Savage’s base of operations. But instead, Sara got closer to a fellow nurse who’s having a troubling time dealing with the annoyingly flirty doctors at the hospital they’re working at. Honestly, I forgot Sara was into girls and she definitely reminded me in this episode!


Now about those talons I mentioned earlier. After a car crash, some high school boys inadvertently found a glowing meteor and Vandal Savage. Savage is using the blue substance from the meteor to create these bird monsters. That’s all I’ll explain on plot so as to not spoil the episode.

Let’s turn to some of the other characters now. Leonard is a bit down due to what he had to do in the last episode, which leaves Jackson to be a little suspicious of his loyalty to the group. Leonard and Hunter dressed up as shady FBI agents, who to me look like a Blues Brothers cosplay, so they can investigate Savage’s motives more inconspicuously. I’m not going to lie, Leonard looks badass in that getup especially with his cold gun.

With all that said, this episode was one of my personal favorites. The gang interacting with the 50s characters was great, the action was good but could do with some more, and the plot was more or less the same. That’s actually the only issue I have with the episode; the plot. If the whole show is focused on taking down Savage, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t kill Savage so easily. But maybe I’m looking into it too much since most shows with a main villain are like that. But beyond that, I love the ending! Without spoiling it, the outcome really sets up a split story between the characters. Plus, we’ll get to see more interactions with the 50s. So in the end, I give this episode 4.8 Top Hats out of 5. Trickster has delivered once again and until next review, Let’s Make Magic!



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