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Gather around adult boys and adult girls for a special love story about Mercenary meets Stripper, stripper gives Merc more than three minutes of hide the baloney which ends with Merc boy wanting to marry Stripper girl. However each love story has some form of tragedy when the Merc gets terminal cancer. It is a sad time, but in every comic book story there is always a deal by some mysterious person offering a way out. In said deal the Merc has no choice and that’s when things get bloody. You see he gets the cure, but at a price to his handsome good looks and now he is on a quest of comedic vengeance. There are unicorns, X-men and a lot of corpses all to find the one that could fix his skin condition. I know sounds better than the Wizard of Oz right? Well welcome to the Deadpool movie review and sorry no chimichanga’s for you…get your own.


Enter Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) a merc with a dark humor about life that as said earlier given a lovely girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) both given a new look on life and some interesting T and A to be had through the holidays. It is a classic story with an organization trying to make controlled new mutants, but they made the mistake in taking Wade giving him a false promise. As we all know you never mess with a man with something to lose, especially with a fine girlfriend like Vanessa I would dismember anyone in my path to get back to her.

In that opposition is our villain Francis Freeman (Ed Skrein) and his muscle Angel Dust (Gina Carano) run this evil organization of altered mutants in what we have to guess is sold mutation weaponry? They were not totally clear on what they will do with Wade and the rest before the experiment, but we just needed to know they were the bad guys.


WAIT!! That’s all I am going to say right now, because I did promise that I would not spoil the movie to much and that is bad taste to do so in any review. Let’s break this down in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…not you Wade you are adorable.


The Good:


The fact that Ryan Reynolds did Wade Wilson/Deadpool so well is already good enough for me. You can really feel the fandom from his acting and his portrayal of the Merc with the Mouth breaking not only the 4 wall, but the 16th wall. It was more hilarious then I expected.

T.J Miller as Weasel was the best casting choice because of his comedic style of knowing how to diss people in a professional way. He will break you down and still get you to say thank you for the critique.


The way they introduced a new X-men character was ballsy of Negasonic Teenage Warhead played by Brianna Hildebrand was a subtle touch to the film. At first it felt out of place being that she was with a heavy hitter Colossus who was motion captured by Andre Tricoteux and voiced by Stefan Kapičić was interesting, but having him in full mutation was quite annoying.

The combat itself was everything I wanted from a Rated – R comic book movie. The kills, the martial arts and the hilarious quips were all welcomed and I am shocked they went almost NC-17 with some of the situations. Even the useless love scenes were not useless at all.


Also need I forget the famed Leslie Uggams as Blind Al was a delight. The Blind crack fiend was an amazing roommate addition to Wade while he did his revenge quest.

They held no punches on the special effects and you can hardly tell the CGI was there or rather you were too distracted to notice outside of Colossus.

The Bad:


I feel like I am being trained with a sniper rifle by Deadpool if I writing anything negative, but oh well. I am not going to say that this story was totally accurate to the comics, but enough not to piss a fan off. I was a bit disappointed that only two X-men were featured in the movie, but then again it made think maybe this might be a sign that Deadpool might be going to the Marvel side of things away from Fox. This would have been a great opportunity to have more cameos since this is a Fox Film, but that is just my wishful thinking.

I can’t really think of anything bad or nitpick on anything that comes to mind. I naturally enjoyed this movie and that really scares me. You have to understand as a comic book fan and enthusiast I feel it is my duty to bring down a comic book movie with flaws, problems and development. Deadpool has done the impossible with my comic book brain actually stayed and liked it. Whoa.

The Ugly:


We could of did without that scene with the Unicorn and thats all I am saying.



Deadpool fulfilled its promise in giving us what fans wanted even in the beginning of the opening credits having a joke of certain names. They chose the right actor in playing Wade with Ryan and I hope he is here to stay as long as he can. I walked out satisfied and tempted to see it in theaters again.

Deadpool Movie gets 5 out of 5 perfect paws.

Well I am shocked adult boys and adult girls; I do hope you enjoyed this review and please go check out Deadpool in theaters now. Stay frosty!

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