Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC Review

Damn you Bungie, this set up was unexpected from the get-go from Generation 1 Destiny with Cayde-6. I thought he was a pompous ass-hat, but dude has gumption and morals. This dude took the name guardian, cranked it up to 11 and made a stage for himself while inspiring others, even if his tactics were a bit unorthodox. This is the last stand for Cayde-6 in Forsaken and it sucks, but I find it a bold decision by Bungie to get rid of such an iconic character in video games.

Forsaken Gameplay:

After you witness Cayde-6 with a huge hole in his chest going out like Alex Murphy in Robocop, but not that dramatic. You start off your quest getting revenge and to retrieve Ace back from Uldren Sov who is the brother of the deceased Queen Mara Sov. He seems to be a bit off in the brain meat seeking out a quest for his sister which seems to be illusions. However, you are tasked with dealing in bounties on the new map of Tangled Shore for Spider. Welcome Season 4 where light levels are going up another 300 levels and the actual grind fest can begin.

This new season definitely feels solid as you can now dismantle primaries into primaries, energy into energy and heavy into heavy. Before you could only dismantle into the same weapon type and that can be annoying. They didn’t make it that simple though, you will have to farm for other materials in order to make this fully work even with armor and that is a smart move for players to visit all the planets more often to get materials, do public events and of course the bounties on each planet.

Of course, if you are a veteran like I am you dealt with this sort of grinding before and it was fun, so Bungie finally brought it back which makes the game enjoyable again. This time around I took my time with the DLC beating it in a week, which opens up a whole new world called the Dreaming City. Now the dreaming city needs you to be a bit above 500 light to even walk around because these enemies don’t even show levels just swords and skulls at times.

The new weapons that are featured in the Combat Bow for both Prime and Energy slots. They are pretty good in PVE, but I wouldn’t run into PVP with this as a choice unless you really want to show off skill. The drawback is a bit slow and aiming is like using a grenade launcher, however, the results are quite powerful. What I failed to mention at the beginning is that I am Titan Exo Guardian and if I was an Awoken I would get a different dialogue in the story arc which was told to me by RubyFoxHoud.

I find that pretty neat, but yes I am a titan and with this new DLC, we gain new power abilities that grant enhancements. Right now I am using Void because I like to be on the defense and I gain the ability of an over shield like the Cabal, but it goes into a huge bowl mode. This will come in handy in raids definitely. I was told you can unlock the rest of the abilities each week, but we shall see.

There is also a new mode called Gambit which is a PVE/PVP experience that I am still trying to wrap my head around, but it is an intriguing experience which an invader which is a player will come at your team with full force. It will take all of you to handle them and watch each other’s back so be sure to have the right people with your or try to play the objective and not steal each other emotes while in the Gambit.

The Raid…since it just started I have not touched it yet and I am trying to level up my character so I will keep that on the back burner for now.
The Bad: 

The only bad is they took too damn long to give us a good game again…this is solid and strong and should have lead with this.


Forsaken DLC for the 4th Season is pretty good and a bold move on the developers killing off a strong character which I liked. They gave Cayde a Great send off, but I will miss Nathan Fillion’s portrayal of the Gun Slinger. Also for all PS Plus members, you can download the base game for free this month and I would suggest getting on that. I was asked if you need the other DLC’s in order to play the latest Forsake and yes you do like any expansion you will need the previous ones in order to progress.

You can grab Forsaken DLC on where we are affiliated and if you purchase through us by clicking any link it helps us out in the long. This beast gives Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC 4 out of 5 paws. – Beast Out

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