Detroit: Become Human Demo Preview

Its all about choice. When video games not only give you a choice to progress but adding a system of moral decisions can be nerve at times. I wish I could say there is no right or wrong answer when games grant you specific trophies now for particular choices. That tends to take the illusion away that you do have a choice in the matter, but it doesn’t mean the journey isn’t worth it. Here we are with one story of the Android Connor working as a Police Negotiator having to deal with a rogue Android that is holding a little girl named Emma hostage. How will Beast decide on the outcome of this situation?

For just one scene it was pretty intense being that Daniel was being replaced and taking it that far instead of just running away or something. I was wondering what kind of flaw in the programming would make him go violent in such a manner, even if you did have emotions, why give them that much free will? This just drives me to want to explore more into the world and as some of you may have seen in the trailers. They gave us a glimpse that a rebellion was happening where more androids were freeing their kind.

This definitely takes a book on the rise of the machines of Terminator or Matrix, but we will just have to wait For Detroit: Become Human release on May 25th, 2018 to see this game fully. – Beast Out

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