Developers of Splinter Cell Should make The Player Video Game

Yes, I do believe that certain shows would be great as a video game. This show in question is called The Player starring Phillip Winchester as Alex Kane, Charity Wakefield as Cassandra King, Damon Gupton as Detective Cal. Brown and Wesley Snipes as Mr. Johnson also known as the Pitt Boss. The question would be why would the developers at Ubisoft who made Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell be interested in a TV series? Well Think of Splinter Cell: the Blacklist which pretty much has some similarities to The Player that could be great for a video game, but I am ahead of myself. Lets get into the story.

Give us the Story:


The Player takes an interesting simple concept of betting and takes it to a whole new level where they bet on crime. That is right Rich people are bored, so now they need something more exciting to do with their money. How the betting works is by putting your chips in on the player trying to stop the crimes in a certain amount of time. Of course if he fails the house loses, but there are exceptions to raise the stakes and with that comes consequences. Those consequences will make the situation game difficult since he will be cut off of aid from their super computer and have to rely on his low tech skills. Exciting right?

There are a few plot twist where Alex wife was murdered and then put into this game, but did the PittBoss have something to do with it? Why not use this computer to just stop crime or is this some sick balance of power karma crap? However the only drawback it seems to be only focused around the Westcoast area, which makes the believability fail. This super computer can only predict crime in only one surrounding area, but that’s where the game comes in.

Translate this into a Game…NOW!


Hold your achievement points for a second as I blow your mind with this. I didn’t state this earlier, but Alex Kane has a special skill set that keeps him alive during this adventure being a retired special forces soldier. Now what I would want is a game with a lot of diversity or just keep it simple as creating your own character. I know for some that is not a simple task, but after you are done you can be taken to a specific area to pick your skills.

Either put points in certain areas or pick a list of special military training to save time. There will be a tutorial featuring the lovely, smart and beautiful…sexy…(ahem) Excuse me, Cassandra will be your guide while you make your Player and will give you details on the pros and cons of your choices. I mean you can’t be perfect just yet.


As you continue through you will be able to gain points as you win to build up your abilities in the game to become the Ultimate Player. However if you lose or run out of time during the mission you will have to figure out a way to complete it or take a penalty in your resources. It can be gained back, but it brings a challenge to the game.

What does SC:Blacklist Have to do with this?


I used Splinter Cell as an example since the character Sam Fisher has a team of assets to help him in his missions. In SC: Blacklist it up the intel with a mobile station and a super computer that each asset used to help same during his quest. Now the more points you gained during each mission the more money you acquire to upgrade your flying base. Not only the base, but your equipment will upgraded as well. The only difference would be that your team is smaller being only Cassandra and the Pit Boss aiding you.

There will be an option to seek the aid of your cop buddy Detective Cal, if you did things to make a friend of him. There will be a choice system as well, because with Alex it made sense to be friends with Cal vs. you who has no idea who he is, so making a friend could help you out when you have penalties. It can also help even with all your equipment.


The Game World would be?


I want to say semi-open world. I want the player to have full mobility in the area especially when giving chase, so something like Watch Dogs world would do. You would have access to every vehicle at anytime, either using some of your cash to summon special vehicles or just take one off the streets. I figured that since Mr. Johnson the Pitt Boss stated that the house is at your disposal means you would have access to everything. That would make the game too easy, so why not put some money into the house from what you earned to keep things upgraded.

This goes for weaponry as well, hell you could even get a drone strike if you wanted. Thats how much power the House has.

Any Downsides?


The only thing that would make this a difficult sell is that a Player is replaced after they die in the show, but since this is a game. We can’t really have a finale like that to force the player to make a new character and start all over, even though it would bring a new level of intense difficulty causing you to want to really survive. However in my experience these days some gamers whine to much about difficulty.

There is a serious story plot in the show that will be difficult to translate into the game unless there is some form of motivation to keep you as the player. I do not want to give up the plot of the show, but I think an end game goal would be best for your particular character.


Anything Else?

Nope that is pretty much it from my end. The show is action packed enough and gives off a video game feel. I am not a game designer, just a writer with wishful thoughts in the end. I hope you enjoyed this read and be sure to check out The Player, because it is a great show. Stay frosty!


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