Dex Flex: Fall start up pt. 1

The fall season is finally here and Dex shares his thoughts on some of the shows he has taken the time to check out.


Heroes Reborn: A Brave New World/Odessa 5 stars. Welcome back folks in more ways than one. Can you dig it. We begin with the shorts that lead up the premier episode. At first I thought the shorts would give us glimpses of other Heroes. No, they center on one Hero Phoebe who can manipulate light and darkness. The path to her discovery is chronicled by her brother Quentin. That all lead us to a summit in Odessa at the paper company that Noah was a part of. All the Evos were to converge there for a sort of “coming out” party. But something goes wrong and many of Evos die or disappears that day. This send Quentin on a quest to find Noah for some answers. In these shorts we catch up on Mika who is leading an underground movement to unite Evo’s. That takes us to the actual episodes. What a roller coaster ride it was. I love how the event included Gamer fans with one Evo story taking place in a video game, that leads up to a battle in from of Yamagata building in which Hiro owns. All of the Evo’s are in hiding from the incident at Odessa. We learn that Mohinder has been blamed for the incident. Claire and Phoebe may or may not have died in the incident. Quentin has found Noah and they are on a quest of answers.Then we even catch up with Molly the Evo who can find other Evo’s. She is necessary in a plot from to find all the Evo’s in the world. I really hope they keep it fresh like this showing us new Heroes and revisiting old ones. I am looking forward to all 13 episodes. What is the new company up to with Molly? What was the old company still doing at the rubble in Odessa? Stay tuned.


Gotham Rise of The Villains: Damned if you Do/Knock Knock 3 and a half stars: This show has made a turn that will amount to a slow burn. Theo Galavan is now the “King pin” presiding over a group of rogue villains who are creating havoc over Gotham. And who is also a part of this rag tag group- Barbara. She has turned into quite the bad girl. How does this bad girl gestates the good girl in Batgirl? At this point Gordon will never copulate with Barbara. This is a new Gotham folks let’s see how this plays out. Theo’s villains break into the GCPD and kill the newly minted commissioner Essen. That was quick. We all know what is next, I can see Gordon finally becoming commissioner, and he going to The Penguin for help. Now that’s not how it happened in the Batman stories I know. And speaking of Batman, our junior sleuth Bruce has discovered daddy’s secret lair underneath Wayne manor. So after Alfred destroy the supercomputer in the Lair, he recruits Lucius Fox to rebuild it. Now this is more in line with with the Batman story- except poppa’s underground lair. Let try our best to stick with this one.

Now for a quick break,


X-Files Revivals new trailer. Aliens abound!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!! This is what fans of all of these year have been waiting for. It seems our underling story is a call to Mulder to take up a charge he abandoned years ago. The government is prepared to orchestrate an onslaught on the world using alien Tech, and Mulder has stumbled upon it yet again! He can’t do this alone (Queue the whistle!!) He reaches out to Scully. Seems like they have been separated for a while and this call is timely, cause Scully might need something to eat- do you see how skinny she is! As a football fan, I can’t wait until the Superbowl because that’s the day we reopen the X-files. Here’s to Fox finding his sister again!

Back to the Action!


Agents of Shield: Laws of Nature 3 stars: Or Why are we going through this rabbit hole! Wow! Shield versus the Government going after in-humans! No wonder our new agents are contemplating jumping ship! No real details about this episode folk only just what I just told you- Shield looking for in-humans, mysterious government agency trying to grab them first. Oh yeah, there is also some spiny alien creature after the in-humans also. I have to watch the next episode before I can formulate an opinion. But at this point I believe they are trying to take their core audience and run with it, when they should be inclusive to old and new in their storytelling.


Blindspot: Pilot/A Stray Howl 4 stars: This is a good show, but can they hold me for 22 more episodes? You know the story cause they plastered it on every show over the summer. Naked lady shows up in Times square with tattoos and with the name an FBI agent on her back- Kurt Weller. These tattoos has clues to some nefarious activities that will come up in the near future. Sounds a little like The Blacklist. Jane Doe as she is called because she has no memory and she doesn’t know who or what she is. So it seems like we are going to have 22 more episodes of her helping the FBI and her piecing together her past. Good luck with that. We’ll get back to that.


The Player: Pilot 4 stars: Another iffy of holding my attention for 23 more episodes. As I watched it, it wasn’t until 10 minutes before the end when I realized what the hook was. Follow me. Alex Kane is a former FBI turned security consultant. He is in the middle of reconciling with his ex-wife when she ups and dies. He then come in contact with the organization called the House. They have developed a program that can predict crime, and this group bets on the outcome. Alex asks the question that I wanted to yell at the TV: With all that knowledge why not prevent it? Mr. Johnson the leader of the House says that is the reason you are here Mr. Kane. He is put in the scenario and the group bets on its outcome. So I won’t bog you down with the plot of the rest of the episode but 10 minutes before the end, Kane asks another question ripped from my lips: If you can predict crime then they knew that his wife would be killed. Johnson says they knew that they were coming after him, his wife got killed because she was with him. So when Kane went to pay his last respects to his wife, he notices that his wife, who had a tattoo on her ring finger, the tattoo is not there anymore. So now you’re left to ask the question what next Kane? Keep your friends close and your enemy closer. So Kane joins the house. So at what point in this season is Kane going to try to kick Mr. Johnson (played by Wesley Snipes) butt for not telling him everything including where is his wife. Good luck, 23 more episodes to go.

To be continued. Keep moving forward.


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