Dex Flex: Fall Start up pt. 2

The Fall is kicking off strong with many shows, some beginning and some ending. Here we are with Part 2 of the fall review.


CSI: Immortality-Series Finale5 stars: This was such great writing. They took a subject that everyone knows from all the 16 year existence of the show and ran with it. A good vehicle to bring back some former team member- Including Grisham! They used Lady Heather to lure us all back. She the common denominator in a string of bombing that includes her clients. Grisham is back and reunited with Sara and cause friction in their relationship. D B Russell (Ted Danson) is leaving also to go to CSI Cyber and he needs to choose a successor. I invite you to take one last ride with CSI and bid farewell to your favorite characters enjoy.


The Black List-The Troll Farmer 4 stars: Welcome back Red- now Run!! Lizzie and Red are on the run and they are in a race against time to meet up with the Troll Farmer- a High Tech identity concealer while the FBI is hunting for them. Once their date with the Troll Farmer is met, they have to get out of town. But they get separated. At the same time, Lizzie’s team is choosing if Lizzie is innocent or not. So now they are separated, what does Lizzie do- seeks political asylum at the Russian Embassy! Lizzie you big dummy!!! I saw coming attraction for the next episode a mile away. It’s a double cross; she will never make it safely to Russia! So the FBI and Red need to race to save Lizzie!. See you next episode!


Quantico: Run/America, 3 and half stars: But what is interesting about this show is that it is not what you think. I really believe it was a procedural with the recruits of the FBI. Negative. The show starts off with the bombing of Grand Central Station, and we follow one recruit as she wakes up from this bombing. So now we have to back track what happen during her training 9 months prior to the bombing to find out who is framing her for the bombing. I love stories that you back into and have to figure out what you just saw. Good luck Alex, clear you name girl!

Chain Break

Now for a news break brought to you by (new segment in my blog): Ant-man 2 has been announced for July 2018, called Ant-man and The Wasp. I saw Ant-man and it was pretty good. I believe this sequel is only to fill in gaps in Marvel phase 3. So that gives us Black Panther in Feb., Ant-man in July, and then Captain Marvel in March of 2019. We have a good set up for the next phase with Infinity War pt. 2 wrapping up, then 3 Marvel movies in 2020!


The Flash- The Man Who Saved Central City 4 stars: In the wake of the season finale six month later Barry is bummed out. He feels he created the problems the City has suffered in the past year. This includes Losing Ronnie to the Singularity six months ago. I couldn’t see the motivation to have him bummed out all this time during this episode. If it happened a few days afterward maybe; but not 6 months. So this creepy character has been following him for 6 month? That’s creepy! Apparently the creepy guy is Jay Garrick the Flash of the Golden age dimension. So now we have open the door to other universes to flood in on Central City- if Meta-Humans isn’t enough. After Barry gets over it He forms Team Barry to capture the Meta- Human Atom Smasher! Barry finally see a video that Dr. Wells sent him in inheriting the lab and confessing to his mother’s murder. This frees his father but he leaves our story to let Barry be Barry. Ok this episode was a little slow to get past the brooding, but it sets up future episodes with Jay Garrick, Wally West (another Flash), and other surprises like the characters that will form the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow, with the finale show-down with Professor Zoom! I’m also looking forward to Barry’s discovery of his new powers like throwing lightning bolts!! Hotness!


Arrow- Green Arrow 3 and a half stars: I finally got the title I wanted, but 4 years too late. Ollie and Felicity return from their vacation to Starling City yet again besieged by a villain, this time name Damien Darhk. Now they are stealing more Teen Titian villains! Once team Ollie is reassembled, Ollie vows not to be the same old Arrow. Thus the Green Arrow is born. In future episodes we see Ollie standing over a grave and our boy Barry walking up. They seemed united in the cause of fight Zoom, so prepare for a cross-over soon. Also I understand the team on both of these show are on Supergirl, and they promise a massive crossover event. I am so looking forward to that.

That’s it for the Fall start up. Hope you enjoy the new feature of news. I will be back soon with a Dex Flex of my favorite show this season. Have fun, and keep moving forward!


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