DICE vs Community 2017 Kick-off Event

Are you an FPS gamer? Of course, you are because you read the title and you came here to see what is the hype about. Well, I am here to give you some great news coming Tuesday, January 10th you get an opportunity to play with Dice Developers, Uprise, EA Employees and DICE Friends in the first Multiplatform DICE Vs. Community Event on Battlefield 1 for 2017. Wait, there is more! You will have a chance to be awarded the best community in the world and Friday night battlefield dog tags! Now I know this is quite exciting for you gamers out there and below you will get details on the when, the where and the how to get in.

This is the Server for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Starting at 11 am EST/5pm CET on the PS4 on the Official #DICECommunity Event Server. On the Xbox One, it begins 1 pm EST/7pm CET with the same name on the Official #DICECommunity Event Server. This is your chance to play with or against DICE Devs, EA Employees, and DICE Friends.

Check Your Stats on the Battlefield Companion App

Please keep in touch with the community by checking out the links below.

Facebook: #DICEvsCommunity


Discord: DICEvsCommunity

I hope you enjoyed this information and hope you join in on the fun. Please be sure to check back for future events and always. Special shout out to Dakota and Lady Arsenic for the information and feel free to let them know you came from Kumazoku Entertainment. Get your game on! – Beast Out –

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  1. RedKnightOH says:

    Ahh… no thanks. I’d rather play DICE modern war games with my Clan. Oh wait… BF1 has no Clan Support!! Not buying BF1. What a waste of time making this game.

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