DICEvsCommunity Event St Patty’s Special

DICE vs Community is back again in March with their Ultimate Showdown across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. This is going to be the first event featuring the Battlefield 1 community on the PC side. In that, we have our announcement video for you here.

As stated the Battlefield 1 event will be in the game mode Conquest which will have no restrictions on weapons. That is right as you fight in a huge 64 player onslaught you have a full range of using all weaponry involved. Even better you will fight along and against DICE Devs, EA Employees, Uprise, and DICE Friends. In these matches, the developers and employees will have tags for you to snatch, but keep in mind they will be defending them as well. It is tag and bag them to the extreme.

Are There Giveaways? I am so glad you asked because there is a nice list for you to check out!


  • 3-DICEvsCommunity Shirts
    Think Geek Apparel-
  • 1-Hat
  • 1-Beanie
  • 5 Pairs-Sweet Grip Controller Grips

Xbox One

  • 3-DICEvsCommunity Shirts
    Think Geek Apparel-
  • 1-Hat
  • 1-Beanie
  • 5 Pairs-Sweet Grip Controller Grips


Twitch Giveaway

PS4 Event Stream- ThinkGEEK Hat

XB1 Event Stream- ThinkGEEK Hat

PC Event Stream- 1 Battlefield Frontline Pack

Event Details

The event will run for 2 hours but feel free to stick around and mingle for extra games with the community. This event is sponsored by the great people at Gamers Community. Keep in mind you can join the servers, but they are first to come, first served because it will be packed and the wait time may be long. I would definitely advise you to get there on time for each event which I will display below.


PS4: March 18th (Saturday)

XBOne: March 19th (Sunday)

PC: March 25th (Saturday)

All times will run at 2 pm EST/ 7 pm CET. Be there on time please so you can secure your play time. The official stream hosting the event is twitch.tv/dicevscommunity. I would advise following the channel so you will be notified and support the event in the chat. Admins During the Event will be taking a screenshot during an Active round and a Random Drawing of a Number will determine the Winner. Keep in mind that Admins and VIP’s are excluded from the drawing and if said people do get picked, we will move on to another player in the community which is for you! 

All right battlefielders, all the intel is now yours so get ready for battle. I hope to see you when the event begins later in March of 2017. -Beast Out-

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  1. Lady Arsenic (BLaZeD MaNiAc) says:

    Thank you for a amazing video and amazing post!!

  2. […] another note as a reminder, this weekend the DICE vs Community Ultimate Showdown is happening. Full details of that event will are in the video below, but the DLC will not be […]

  3. […] Be sure to check out the official DICE vs Community post over at: http://www.kumazokuentertainment.com/dicevscommunity-event-st-pattys-special/ […]

  4. zeeh says:

    on which PC server would take place the event?

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