Does Raiding Work for Every Game?

Sorry for the misleading title, but to be clear we are discussing the idea around raids being questionable for certain games. So far, I keep thinking about raids in a general scope of endurance with tough opponents and having to grind to reach a certain level to survive. This concept has been mostly in MMORPG’s and in many cases, regular RPG’s where you have to level up your team to tackle certain obstacles before you reach the main boss. Can raids work in games outside the MMORPG genre?

This is the first episode of our new podcast where I am here with Emochi who I interviewed a while ago for Born with A Controller. I chose this particular gamer because she is the go-to person I have in mind for when it comes to MMO’s and other game genres. It was stuck in my head after a few raids that I went through in Destiny 2 and some struggles that came with it. That all made me wonder. So, please enjoy this podcast on raids.

It was a fun discussion and it was inspired by me doing a raid on Destiny 2 and how it felt overly complicated versus from the times I did raids on DC Universe Online. You would think it would be simpler on Destiny since you have a bit more mobility, but as I think about it now there is not much different from the skills you acquire can be used offensively and defensively. Now that a warlock has the ability to give you healing combined with a titans ability to grant you more armor. Raids or doable with the right people and the right amount of patience.

In that I want to hear your thoughts on this subject and please share your most memorable raids in any game be it good or bad. Be sure to check out our review of Destiny 2 done by MrVadersfist. – Beast Out

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2 Responses to Does Raiding Work for Every Game?

  1. jaganar says:

    like you said , it all depends on the squad you have .
    in warframe battle of immortals forsaken world wow i have tons of people i met on a raid and ended up adding most of them and completly DEREZZED the bosses we faced .

    granted if you are stuck with a crappy player on your squad you are always gonna get atleast one nitwit , but for the life of me i cant tell you the last raid game i played with a newb XD.

    • Yea, I agree. Even if you play with a newb, one must be prepared to have to explain and get them through it because how else will they learn, but if the newb is a nitwit troll then I just put them out.

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