Doom Multiplayer Beta First Impressions

Let me tell you something about my history with Doom before we get into this interesting post that you the fans will love. DOOM was part of my life when I was just a little cub, I got onto my uncle’s computer which had some interesting titles, but I clicked on DOOM out of all them. Being as young as I was, I feared any horror-related situations, DOOM kind of gave me that extra edge against the monsters which made me brave and to know that there was a way to stop the demon horde with badass weaponry. This was before any other first person shooter that I’ve experienced, even before Wolfenstein, for me it was DOOM. One man alone in a hellish world facing off against all things that have one goal: to kill you. Exciting right? Let’s go to my video now.

The two game modes featured in the Beta, Team Deathmatch and Warparth, were quite intense. I did feel the nostalgia of FPS games of the old days. It had the feel of Unreal Tournament and a bit of old school Halo combat. It is simple but can become hectic real fast. The weaponry is made to be brutal for the DOOM setting and that’s what I enjoy most about the franchise. They hold nothing back when it comes to the blood and gore of their games. I even enjoyed the option of “Demon Possession” which can turn the tide to any game, but in one match the other players did hide very well to avoid confronting me.



Warpath is a mobile king of the hill or mobile hardpoint style game. This is a unique way to play the game, but the scoring system is a bit weird to me. It seems you can only accumulate points if you capture the point and not just stand in it. You will also be rewarded for defending. I have held it for a long time thinking that I was doing a bit of both gathering enough points for the team. However, it only marked me down for only capturing it twice. Eh, it is not that big of a deal, but at least I am aware of what to expect next time. This was my favorite then TDM and since the action comes to you, it makes it easier to attack and defend within the objective. There are also side objectives that you have to accomplish and they do not seem too ridiculous where it might be impossible. Warpath I will see a lot of you when the game releases.



It is the classic game mode for any FPS title. You play to kill and that is all there is to worry about. You will have to be strategic and stick with your team as you go through this bloody adventure. The idea is to collect, grab and ambush your opponents as best as possible and when that Demon Possession feature pops up, run to it as fast as possible. As I stated earlier that boss mode will change the tide of the game quickly with its twin shoulder rockets that do one shot kills.


Utilizing the portals and warp holes can make great traps for opponents chasing you down. In the end, always count your bullets and be ready to haul your butt to the nearest ammo crate or health box.

I believe that DOOM is a strong game on its own, but after checking out the multiplayer modes, I feel it is a nice added addition to the replay value. You can get into some bloody antics with this Multiplayer Feature which some decent customization perks and hack modules to unlock to give you the advantage in the combat. They are timed so be sure when you want to utilize them properly. I think in the end this full package will be worth the buy.


DOOM releases on May 13 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. That means you have little less than a month to prep for the most hellish game of your life. Stay frosty gamers!

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7 Responses to Doom Multiplayer Beta First Impressions

  1. BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ says:

    I didn’t care for multiplayer, for a month out I hope the beta helped considering their was a lot of issues with hit detection, along with 5 wall breachs you could get into. It seems like they were trying to hard to fit in with the other titles the vibrant colors, the badly done wall running and jump shooting mechanics, then the overly bubbly end of game match dancing. When the game itself will be a major seller, simply because as you stated it’s something a lot of us played as a child(without this add cap in it lol). Deff looking forward to the game itself!

    • Yea it did nothing new as far as an FPS game goes. Some people enjoying it because it reminds them of games of old which I did mention, but It is too generic and copy and paste style. Thanks for stopping in and checking out the post.

  2. Carl Grubb says:

    I played the beta and found it visualy stunning, smooth running but it felt a little flat. In a game like this I would like to see more individual looking characters like in overwatch that play diffrently. I’m sure there are some characters they could have added from the Doom storyline. Doing this makes each player in a team more important because of the unique look and abilities of thier in game character. Also movement is to flat. I want to be able to power slide into an attack like in Destiny, dodge, role, power kick etc… I call this Super Manueverability in game. Why can’t we put away our weapons and go hand to hand, or use objects in our environment to get the upper hand in a CQC situation? Example:

    An opponent sees me go on the attack! I run out of ammo! Quickly I run up a series of stairs! I turn, slam a door and shove a desk to block the door! Suddenly the door shreds from a grenade and the desk flys up against the wall! Quickly I throw a flash bang grenade and hug the wall! My opponent is blinded as he comes through the door shooting! I power slide knocking him to the ground! We get up! I power kick him in the chest pinning him against the wall! I pull my pistol with one last shot and make the kill! This an example of in game Super Manueverability.

    • you mean like what Gears of War did when two enemies attack at the same time in a button mashing event? Unless another teammate interrupts. However what you asking would take a lot of animation and motion capture to do and in that time someone on another team could come and kill the one doing said animation. I think it is meant to be a quick amount of killing in the end.

      • Carl Grubb says:

        Still ya gotta admit, it would give the gamer the ability to employ some cool new tactics. After playing the beta I just felt the mobiliy of my character was stale and outdated. Would be nice to have more interaction in game, especially with the environment.


        In destiny you can power slide to attack or dodge and power jump with directional glide.

        In MK10 you can pick up an object and throw it.

        With the ps4 representing the next gen in gaming I just feel we should be able to do more. We should be able to interact with the game enviroment more and have the game enviroment interact with us more. The movement in the Doom Multi- Player felt old, outdated, not next gen. I wish they would try some new things. Make the game and it’s enviroment come alive more and effect the dynamics of gameplay.


        Destructable environments like in battlefield 4

        Try floors caving in and falling into hidden caverns underneath

        You fire a rocket that misses your target hitting the cavern wall. Suddenly the cavern errupts into violent shaking as stelagtights break away and come falling down, dirt, dust clouds your visor, you wipe away the dirt to find your opponet struggling to get up and target you

        A mud slide rapidly changes the situation as you and your opponent are quickly swept off your feet! You struggle desperately to get a visual fix on your opponent as you go flying down the hill! Your visor is covered with mud! You wipe it away and see your opponent charging at you trying to recover his weapon! You run to get yours!…

        Massive Lightning strikes all around! Suddenly a tree is hit and a large section comes crashing down burning with smoke filling the air!

        A huge battle cruiser crashes into a nearby mountian projecting debrie to rain down all over the battlefield!

        This kind of next gen dynamics is what I would like to see, and yes I know it would not be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

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