Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Impressions

Welcome Z fighters to this Beta impression of Dragon Ball FighterZ which became available to a select few on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I kid you not, every time I enter a fighting games beta I expect the worst of my abilities. This happens because many betas do not offer you a tutorial they just throw you right in like Piccolo did to Gohan when he was training him and left him in the wilderness by himself. However messing around in my first match I realized some similarities and got comfortable. The worry went away and soon enough Bandai Namco on twitter started to hand out guides and control schemes for us to get a handle on it. Not bad on their part, but let me share my thoughts on the new fighter coming in Early 2018.

New School Combined with an Old Feel:

Dragon Ball FighterZ establishes a nice stake in the fighting genre, especially after I came from playing the recent Xenoverse series and screaming for an all-out fighter of the Dragon Ball Universe. Luckily at this years E3 2017, we got a nice glimpse of what to expect in a team based fighter. 3 V. 3 in an onslaught of great visuals, fluid input commands, and amazing fierce attacks. I am not surprised by my enjoyment since the same people behind my favorite fighting game series Guilty Gear Arc System Works combined with the Unreal Engine gives this a sweet looking experience. The new school having to deal with the graphics and being that it has an interactive animation feel and old feel of past fighters with smooth controls of classic Guilty Gear titles. Something you can jump into, get technical and cause insane sodium in all good fun.

Now we Fight!

As you can see above with the PS4 controller the commands are pretty straightforward giving all ranges of moves even Ki charging. Now when it comes to the base commands each character has their own traits that an amateur like me is still getting grounded on. My mains were Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku which is a safe zone for me. I had Piccolo as a start off while Goku was the anchor. Now Piccolo really a rush character where he has a lot of long-range attacks with his stretch arm grabs and most of his teleport elbow strikes. He felt a bit slower and at first was hard for me to get grounded with. When it comes to Father and Son of Goku and Gohan they both are berserkers when it comes to getting in close and dealing a lot of damage. In the second match I had, I accidentally activated Goku’s super where he went Super Saiyan 3 into a meteor smash and then finishing with a Super Kamehameha blast! My jaw was stuck in the open position ready to consume a senzu bean.

Again above later on the day Bandai Namco released a move list which was fantastic, but when the first session that I was up for at Five a.m eastern time went offline. They were nice enough to give us a trial demo to play against the computer using three random fighters each fight. I loved that so much which gave us a means to practice until the next session came online.

Chibi Lobby!

That lobby area was a great idea with all the cute little chibi characters to walk around and even interact with other characters. Then you hit up one of the NPC’s to go into the area where you want to be picked for a match against another player. I love the little mini sumo circle that resembles the tournament area of the anime. In that circle, you can see all the little chibi characters punching against the other player. You see them punching back and forth which is cute and you are standing there in the ready position waiting. This feature is a hit or miss for me where I like the waiting area, but how do I pick the opponent myself. I saw my buddy age in the same lobby but there was no feature where we are walking next to each other and facing one another to actually initiate a battle. That would be nice to have in the future just in case you want to pull someone to the side and just have a personal fight. Also, glad to see peoples connections before I can actually say yes to fighting a said opponent. I am sorry to say, but I will not go into a lagged fight, I mean who would? My first fight was a lagged mess, but the person either backed out or lost connection. After that, I’ve had nothing but smooth battles.

From initiating a smash that my character will automatically follow. Flow of light to medium attack to gain a nice combo and of course, the character assists feature is fluid and adds an additional combo point which you can chain. In that, you will have your classic switch from a combo attack chaining into another combo as you tag out a character which I love if done right. There seems to be a bit of a delay though so you don’t abuse the switch like in some fighters which I do not mind. You will have to pay attention as you specials trigger an amazing animation which can be confusing to a newcomer as you are stuck enjoying the attack while it switches back to manual control. Be ready at all times, just like in a real fight keep your guard up!

Goku Approves?

Yo, real talk Z fighters I am in there, already pre-ordered and ready to rock. In 2018 this will be my fighter of choice and as a fan of the series, I am looking forward to the many battles and interesting dream match ups. We also got word today that not only is Yamcha and Tien is entering the battle, but a newcomer never before seen in the anime or mangas is Android 21! I am excited to see what she will pull off and how she will fit in her own unique story for the game. This character designed by Akira Toriyama is a scientist who is as smart as Dr. Gero. It seems in the images that she will have some dealings with the friendly Android 16, but so far all other information is that she is in the alternate timeline of the series which was from V-Jump magazine. Either way, hoping for an interesting story anyway and so far I am not disappointed.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ initial release in February 2018, and pre-orders, of course, are available right now and I will leave you with one of my battles below. – Beast Out


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