Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

When the fate of Earth is on the line of any opposition it is up to the Z Fighters to handle said enemy. The Dragon Ball series has been well known for a few decades now having a long following and many debates/arguments on who is the better fighter. Now, there will be a new debate on who is better at controlling their favorite 3 fighter team-up in Dragon Ball FighterZ available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.


As crazy as the Dragon Ball series has been there are many stories and movie stories that co-exist in the series. Now we are in the middle of Dragon Ball Super story-arc where you are a soul link taking over different fighters in the universe. It is an interesting way of putting players into the world without a create a character style of Xenoverse. There is a clone uprising happening and not only that but you also have to deal with your usual enemies with a hidden new one that most already know who I am talking about at this time. It becomes rescue mission to gather your friends as you go through the story and level them up.

I wasn’t expecting the story to be quite long and it was just part one where I only completed 66% in a four hour play period. No fighting game ever had such an intense story mode with three parts. By the time you read this I have already completed the Enemy story arc leading to the final to unlock Android 21. Yup, you will need to complete the story in order to unlock her as a playable character.



You get the best of both worlds as some assume the game is too simple until you actually get into combat and have to use strategy, patience, and tactics. Yes, there are auto-combos, but if you only utilize those than you will lose quite quickly. As I entered the lab I learned how to make my own combos, cause some connections and the best part making my opponent guess what I “may” do next. I highly recommend going to the practice area and start doing the tutorials and combo challenges to learn each character or the ones you want to main.

I am playing on the PS4 so using the face buttons of Square, Triangle, Circle and X to string in different attacks. Triangle and Circle pressed uses teleport and that burns meter. You can charge up your meter with Square and X to max level 7. There are 24 characters to master and you can mix it up with whoever you choose. I have my original recipe for Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha or you can do what I called, “Me and my two daddies” having Piccolo, Goku, and Teen Gohan as a squad. That is up to you.

Try your luck in Arcade mode with each having their own special difficulty and pathways. Paths include:

  • Snake Way Course
  • Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course
  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course
  • Snake Way (Hard)

Each battle will give you a rank where top rank is S and if you accomplish only S rank wins you will stay on a straight path. It is quite simple and it feels like a survival mode at that. At the end of the battle, you will be rewarded with Zeni and possible characters. Here is a Hint for those that didn’t preorder or do not want to buy the SSGSS Vegeta and Goku.

Yes, the world is always online and you can have a cute chibi avatar as you walk around the board. This is where things get interesting with Zeni. Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are brilliant for making you want to do all the modes to unlock more Zeni that you can go to the in-game store and unlock cosmetics for your player card and avatar. 1 thousand Zeni unlocks one capsule and 10 thousand gives you ten capsules to feature random items. It is random drops, but you will not need to spend your own money and the only add-on purchases I have seen is for SSGSS Goku and Vegeta lobby avatars as well as characters if you did not pre-order.


Challenge them all and be the best at it! You can set up a ring option surrounding your lobby avatar up to eight opponents either an open tournament or private with your friends. There is a casual lobby and ranked lobby to meet random fighters. Each person starts off as a Saibamen level as you progress in combat you can read top level of Demon. Before each fight, you can pick your best triple threat and switch up after each match.

What is a Dragon Ball game without Dragon Balls? If you played the tutorial you will learn about the gaining dragon balls with each seven hit combo you do. if by chance you collect all seven dragon balls you can bring out Shenron and make a wish with four different categories. This will take some skill so many fighters do not need to worry about it much unless you want to be crafty and show off that you can.

The Bad:

The only thing that can ruin any online based game is server issues. There is a downside to adding everything even something that should be offline to be online. In the first few days, the network has been crappy, which should have been noticeable in the beta. Once you get into the game another problem happened when I could not get a match in with my colleagues as the Ring option kept erroring saying, “No Rooms Found” and that killed the mood a bit. Not that huge of a deal, but still a mess in the many ways. I don’t like the idea of having to jump from lobby to lobby after getting kicked and coming back to it being full and searching for a new room. It is frustrating.


Before I end this please be sure to check out our Review Squad-Cast of us talking about Dragon Ball FighterZ in full below. Honestly, it is an interactive anime where Arc System Works is known for bringing that artistic style to their fighting games for years. I am glad they picked up the franchise giving us a complete fighting game with no hidden features and also I give them props for giving us a game that I do not have to worry about the season pass right away. Besides the server issue, it is impressive and outstanding to enjoy for beginners and top-tier players.

I give Dragon Ball FighterZ 4 paws out of 5. Great fighting game to start the new year and caters to fight fans and fans of the series alike. Definitely, pick up your copy at Play-Asia.com which also helps us out in the long run if you make any purchases there by clicking any link on the site. I hope you enjoy and a special shoutout to those that helped with the review BigCeezSama, Kikee, and Shadowjin. – Beast Out


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