Dragon Ball Super Ep. 2 and 3 Review

Vegeta’s family outing and the search of the Super Saiyan God: we’re tackling both in this review mostly because my computer is going under maintenance and I missed the 3rd episode….until now!

From proud prince of Saiyans to the some-what normal life of a father and husband, Vegeta spends a whole day with Bulma and Trunks. He proves that he’s still a bad ass by standing on top of the vehicle Bulma is driving and endures the crazy and irresponsible tricks that Bulma makes while flying. Throughout the whole day, Vegeta’s face shows that he loathes the excursion he is force to take, but his wife and child are mostly ok with it as they know he’s not one for having a good time. But when it comes down to food, Vegeta is more than happy to spend some time with the family, as long as they stay out of the way of his eating. Later on, he gets annoyed by a crowd of people, so he jets out of there and starts training.


At the same time, Goku arrives at King Kai’s planet to undergo training as well. They’re timing on training couldn’t have been better because somewhere deep in the universe, Beerus is going planet to planet blowing them up in attempt to remember the premonition, the Super Saiyan God. While Beerus struggles to remember, we all know who it could be.


Moving on to the next episode, Beerus finally remembers the premonition as told from the oracle fish. He asks Whis to search for the Super Saiyan God and found Goku on King Kai’s planet. King Kai gets wind of his arrival and tries not to let Goku know about Beerus and his appending arrival. Now that Beerus has got a location, it’s only a matter of time before he arrives and creates chaos for our heroes. Hate to see Bulma’s face when Beerus crashes her birthday party.


Dragon Ball Super is going on pretty strong! I love the set up for Super Saiyan God and Beerus’ arrival. I also like how the party is being held on a cruise ship instead of the backyard of Capsule Corp. like they showed in Battle of Gods. Can’t wait for the next episode which will be on August 2nd, but until then, Let’s Make Magic!



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