Dragon Ball Super Ep. 4 Review

We’re back for another episode of Dragon Ball Super and we are getting close to the famous battle between Goku and Lord Beerus! But first, let’s talk about ep. 4.

Now that we’re in the birthday party scene, we notice a lot of similarities with Dragon Ball Super and the movie Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods with this episode. As Trucks goes deep in the cruise ship to show Goten the grand prize to the bingo contest, we also get a look at what Pilaf and his crew are up to. They aren’t doing much but wasting their time, until Pilaf’s dragon ball radar goes off revealing that the location of all seven dragon balls are on board Bulma’s ship. If you’ve seen the movie, you would know that the dragon balls are the grand prize to the bingo contest. Without wasting any more time, Pilaf’s gang head on over to the ship while paddling a broken boat and surviving a shark attack. Since Trunks and Goten have never met Pilaf or his goons prior to them boarding the ship, they treat them with plenty of food. They are such kind boys!

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What’s going on with Goku? He’s still training. He and Vegeta decided not to go to Bulma’s birthday party and instead train, which is kind of harsh. Speaking of training, I feel sorry for King Kai. Everything bad that’s happened to him was because of Goku. I’m starting to reconsider who the bad guy is (I’m kidding of course!).


So overall, this episode was pretty good. Although, I don’t understand why make a movie of what’s happening now if they are going to cover it in the show. I guess the movie was more of a teaser of what’s to come later. Whatever the case is, I’m just glad I get to see the whole gang back in a show (Yeah that’s right, I’m still excited!). I really can’t wait until next week’s episode where we finally see Goku and Beerus go at it. Until then, Let’s Make Magic!



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