Dragon Ball Super Ep. 5 & 6 Review

Hey everyone, I know I’m pretty late on this review, but I had to re-watch Battle of Gods so I can compare the show with the movie. So, let’s get started!

So now we are in the backbone of crossing with the movie at this point, so I want to point out some similarities and differences between the show and movie. So far, almost everything is similar with a few differences, the biggest being the location of Bulma’s party. Another one is instead of Vegeta started up the bingo game by dancing (pretty funny by the way) to calm down Lord Beerus, he quickly kills an octopus and makes octopus balls for everyone. Unfortunately for him, Beerus and Whis wanted pudding at the time. More unfortunate, Buu had all the pudding in both scenarios. So sad that Poor Mr. Satan was in the middle of that.


Dragonball Super episode 6

There’s not much different with the Goku and Beerus fight between the movie and the show, but in the movie Beerus karate chopped Goku on his neck as the second hit while in the show he only placed his hand on his shoulder and was sent flying down. I like the show’s hit better because it showed how much pain Goku experienced with that pat on the shoulder. Good thing he’s a saiyan or he wouldn’t get anything out of that fight, you know because saiyans get stronger after a beating. In a way, they’re kind of like the universe’s punching bag; punch it hard enough and it’ll come back to knock you down.


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So in the end, what we learned that we can safely predict what will happen in the next couple episodes because it’s very similar to the Battle of Gods movie. Then again, they wouldn’t make episodes that exactly mirror the movie without changing it unexpectedly in the end. After all, there is still that other universe Beerus and Whis we didn’t see yet. But only time can tell, so until then, Let’s Make Magic everyone!

KZoku Raiting:

KZoku Paw Rating 4


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