Dunkey Slamdunked Himself, Not Riot

Recently a popular League of Legends streamer who is known by the handle “Dunkey” was banned for toxic behavior. He was a bit miffed about it, and decided to create a video about why he is “done playing League of Legends.” The video has already attracted over 2 million views, and has received so much publicity that Riot even made an official statement.

Dunkey was working on his rank, and was close to getting into Diamond. During a match-up that would have bumped him into the next bracket, a fellow teammate decided to feed the enemy and throw the game.

In the heat of the moment, Dunkey typed the following in chat:

“malphite you are a fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate you are [sic]”.


Dunkey received a temporary ban from Riot, (shocker). He then requested Riot to lift his ban because he is a popular streamer, and his request was denied. This is when my bullshit meter about Dunkey began to pique.

Dunkey, dude— I feel you. Trust me. I’ve been playing MOBAs for a couple of years now, and I would be a total hypocrite if I were to get on a high horse and judge you for losing your shit. I’ve said similar or worse to gaming trolls before. There’s something about MOBAs that just brings out the rageface in people, and makes you want to flip over furniture. I get it.


However, there are three things I find shitty about Dunkey’s attitude:

1) He feels that Riot owes him something for streaming their games.

2) He thinks toxicity is fun and part of the game, (but only when he’s doing it.)

3) He feels like he’s entitled to special treatment because he’s a popular streamer.

Dunkey discussed at length about how much he has done for Riot by streaming their game. He makes it out like Riot owes him his “simple” request to lift his ban so that he could finish making his videos. Don’t get me wrong. It is no small feat to achieve Dunkey’s level of success in a saturated market for streaming, but let’s not forget that part of his success comes from riding on the coattails of Riot’s brand.

There’s a reason why League of Legends streaming is so popular. There are millions of people all over the world who play the game and can relate to the content streamers create. Riot is basically handing streamers a market of 67 million people who play their game each month. So yes, Dunkey is helping them by providing further publicity, but don’t lose sight of the fact that he’s also using Riot’s brand for his gain as well. As far as I can tell, it balances out, and Riot owes him nothing.

giphy (2)

Secondly, Dunkey is contradictory in his views of toxicity. At one point he says, “Talking shit is probably one of the only fun parts of this boring ass game.” Basically, what he’s saying is “Toxicity is only OK if I do it.”

OOOOH but the other player was different because he was feeding. Yes, feeding is toxic, but so is telling someone to die, and so is AFKing, hence, that is why Riot makes all of these reportable offenses from which players could be banned. Talking shit, intentionally feeding, and throwing the game are all forms of toxic behavior. According to Dunkey’s logic if it’s fun for him, then it’s an acceptable form of toxic behavior.
Which brings me to my last point, that Dunkey feels entitled to special treatment. If any of us other gamers were to say the same thing in our chat, and a player reported us, guess what would happen. WE WOULD GET BANNED!

I don’t know why this was such a shock for Dunkey. For years, Riot has made post after post after post about toxic behavior on their forums, as well as including statements in their Terms of Use and Summoner’s Code (hyperlinks added for those of you who are baffled shitless about Riot’s stance on the issue).

Why should Dunkey get a pass when the rest of us would get banned? It’s the equivalent of Justin Bieber thinking he’s above the law and should get a pass for his DUIs.

OOOOH but the other player was feeding. So what? There’s an option to report those players at the end of the game. I’m not even knocking Dunkey for what he said. To be honest, I could see myself saying the same thing.

However, if I were to get a ban I would just chalk it up to “Yeap…I got caught”, and not whine about it. Suck it up and take ownership for your part in the situation. Dunkey could have actually taken this unfortunate incident and turned it into something comedic; instead, he chose to be salty.



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4 Responses to Dunkey Slamdunked Himself, Not Riot

  1. FoRSaKeN 1 says:

    Funny, I got banned for saying nothing close to anything like this angry “Streamer” and He gets a temporary ban.. I got banned for life.. Seems pretty fair to me.. I had invested over 3k in my account before being banned too.. Boo

  2. Davis says:

    Baffled shitless? Nah, we know why they do it, can’t have Zoe Quinn getting all moist about safespaces. You must uphold the newspeak, and you must do it with zeal

  3. Cal says:

    poorly written article. “talking shit is one of the only fun parts of this boring ass game” means the game is otherwise pretty boring if nobody is allowed to talk shit. it means the gameplay isn’t all that interesting… which it isn’t. where’s the contradiction? dunkey’s opinion of his comment is not to a toxic level- and riot’s opinion is the opposite. dunkey never contradicts himself. opinions are opinions- if what he said might offend you, it doesn’t offend me. and if he said it to me, I know what I did to deserve the heat.

    the fact is, dunkey DID take this situation and turn it into comedy- that’s what his video response is. that’s what all his videos are. in fact even his original “hate speech” is so obviously over the top that it would be completely mental if anyone took that seriously. he didn’t point out race, gender, or anything specific- he didn’t even say HE was going to gun him down- only that the guy should be gunned down. that’s not hate speech at all- it’s just someone pulling frustration out of his ass and flinging it.

    I’m so tired of everyone getting so uptight with words. this is an online game played by people of all ages. if you fuck around and troll someone, expect to get cursed at- this is what happens in the real world too so get used to it.

    • People are not that brave in the real world. Either way you say a poorly written article, but that is your opinion and as you state “I am so tired of everyone getting so uptight with words.” Well some would say they are getting tired of those not understanding an opinion peace or defending those that really do not need defending. Article touches base on a lot of contradictions that Dunkey has done. Dunkey is not completely wrong, but as the saying goes “Pot meet kettle!”.

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