Dynasty Warriors 9 Coop Update

Every so often in the gaming world the “it looks good on paper” analogy is put to the test You know, something that sounds amazing in retrospect, but then it’s actual execution has every gamer and their mama saying “why did they even do this?” Similar to how “Open World Dynasty Warriors” displeased Koei Tecmo fans across the globe, Dynasty Warriors 9 two player mode suffers from the same quality control issues.

Co-op History in Dynasty Warriors 9

Now before I have what may seem like a pack session on everything that’s wrong with this update, let me first say that the idea of two-player open world gameplay is very bold. To have one player do their thing on one side of the world, while another goes about its business on the opposite side is impressive. It is also a huge load for a system to handle. Open games tend to be riddled with glitches with just one player running amuck, and I assure you Dynasty Warriors 9 bears no exception to this.

With one of the more glitches open world on the market, DW9’s two-player mode can only do so much until it ragequits on you I.E. Crashes. And it crashed on me pretty often. Six times to be exact. The plus side to this is that the game will start you off at the beginning of the last mission you were on, but who actually likes playing a game of Russian Roulette with data corruption?

When the game isn’t crashing on two player mode, it is struggling to keep up.  During battles, the games frame rate drops leading to insane lag. If you’re thinking about killing multiple quest birds with one stone, players can forget that when it comes to main quests. The first player must always travel to the main quests to get them to start up.

On the plus side of things at least players one and two can fast travel to where ever they please. However, I found that the further the characters were away from each other, the more frequent the crashes occurred.

Koei Tecmo intends on releasing more content for DW9 in November of this year. This two-player mode was made not only to expand upon the game but to try and please its audience; since many Koei Techmo fans felt that a two-player mode would improve the game drastically (yes ppl, I am guilty of this conjecture 100%). Once again if Koei wants to not disgruntle their fanbase, they need to take more time on their quality over quantity issues.

They can fill the game with as much new content as the previous installments of Dynasty Warriors. But it’s not worth getting if the game is barely functional. I hope that Koei Tecmo patches these issues on two-player mode before the new content drops. If not, then the future new content as well as two player modes in general, don’t really do anything to help to improve the game.


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