E3 2015 Bethesda Showcase: Doom

This is the first time Bethesda has ever had a showcase at an E3 show and what a show they delivered. With over 495,000 viewers, the live stream on Twitch started the Bethesda conference with one of the most beloved games of our generation: Doom.


Created on a whole new engine, this is taking Doom into a new level that fans have never experienced before. Confirmed in the gameplay shown, Doom will still include our favorite weapons such as the super shotgun, chainsaw, and of course…..THE BFG! (Big Fluffy Gun). All jokes aside, Doom will have the same concept which made the game so popular. Players will have to ultimately rely on instincts and fast thinking to slaughter the legions of demons that fester on Mars. In addition to venturing through Doom’s intense storyline, Bethesda confirmed  there will be action-packed multiplayer arenas such as Deathmatch, Freeze-tag, and Clan Arena which will be some of the various game modes to come.
That isn’t all that Bethesda has for Doom Multiplayer. They are introducing a first ever program called “Snapmap”, which offers the tools to players to design their own multiplayer maps and modes. This includes modes like Survival where you have the choice of single or Co-op. In Survival mode,  you kill waves and waves of demons to earn cash in order to buy stronger weapons that kill even more waves of stronger demons if desired. Players will have the ability to design their own arena maps, to the point where they deploy barrels, corridors, power-ups, monsters or any other details the player wants to design to their heart’s content. Players will also be able to share these maps and game modes in creating a never ending amount of content and ultimately creating a community.


That’s not all folks. Now Doom isn’t Doom without one thing: Hell. You will be able to travel through the depths of Hell to bring the fight to Sin himself. With the new engine implemented, Hell will be so graphically intense, you might want to turn off the lights for this one. Our favorite demons we recognized from past Doom games will crawl and leap over to you, wanting to rip you limb from limb. At the end of the gameplay trailer, you will of course see a glimpse of the most renowned weapon in Doom.

Doom will be released around Spring 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC


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  1. Kuma Baity says:

    That doom game is looking very sick. I am quite Impressed.

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