E3 2015 Sony Experience Thoughts Pt. 1

This is truly the season of the gamer which is kind of weird since summer is all about going outside and hanging with mother nature, but how can this happen when E3 2015 happens? Thanks to my buddy Simon from Video Game Tidbits for inviting me to the Union Square Regal Theater to experience the E3 Sony Experience, which for lack of a better word was amazing. I am not going to touch base on everything since you can check out my fellow colleagues’ posts about Microsoft and EA’s conferences in the links after this paragraph. Let’s get started with E3 2015 and Sony. We shall talk about the good, the best, and the “OH MY GOD THEY JUST DID THAT?!,” So get a towel gamers.

Mr. Trickster’s Microsoft Conference:  E32015 Microsoft

Mek!’s EA Conference:  E3 2015 Electronic Arts Conference

I want to first touch base on the reactions of the Sony fans in the theater and some discussions before things kicked off, but I will leave that for the end because that was priceless.he first game we are going to touch base on is The Last Guardian which was feared to have been cancelled, but much to many gamers’ surprise, the gameplay reveal was outstanding. Check out the preview:

The reactions were well deserved and that monster is so freaking cute, but I can see this as a story that will bring some tears. However, I wonder if this will tie into Ico and Shadow of Colossus. I mean, why not? Either way, the Last Guardian is not only a unique title, but visually, the art style is beautiful to look at, and I feel it will cater to puzzle driven fans out there. It is one of those passive aggressive games about survival, ,and that kid is pretty darn strong if you ask me.


The second thing they showcased from Guerilla games was way more than I expected. I swear these video game writers are getting better., I used to wonder what would happen if the world came to an end, and I don’t mean total destruction. I had this theory that maybe the world would reset and start life over again. This is where Horizon: Zero Dawn comes into play as a story of life after the “civilized” world ends and things revert back to a more primal time. Let’s check it out:

(wipes tears)


I love a strong woman that knows how to use a bow and arrow in such a brutal way. This gameplay footage surprise his is how you get gamers interested developers:SHOW MORE GAMEPLAY IN YOUR PREVIEWS. Oh my god this was outstanding and such a shocker. This is more than just survival.his feels like a beefed up version of Evolved. I am looking forward to hearing more about this storyline and why the Earth ended up the way it is. Am I to assume that this is even our Earth? Because sometimes twist like that happens. I want to know about the different tribes and what you will have to do when interacting with them. I am also wondering if they are going to go a route where there are humanoid robots and not just these mechanical beasts. That raises another question of who is behind all of this. See, this is the curiosity that I enjoy, and now I want more. Kuma needs the info, and needs it badly baby!


PlayStation E3 EXPERIENCE - 2015 Press Conference - English_0002727600

I have to admit, Capcom is one bold company because the way they do business makes most of us fans question their methods. When it was announced last year that Street Fighter V will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, I knew a lot of my gaming buddies on the Xbox One side were heart broken. It was a devastating decision, but that is business. However, after the reveal of the battle system and of course showcasing new characters in E3 conference, I was still not one hundred percent sold. I am expecting to see more characters, more abilities, and maybe add a new interesting story that will make the characters grow..

Now this is where I am going to get semi-ugly because we have been through this many times already,Capcom. I would rather you take your time and make sure this is the game  we all deserve, because in a year’s time expect Capcom to drop Super Street Fighter V with some lame statement about fixed bugs and something about the first game was not ready as of yet. Then Capcom once again drops a new title  Super Street Fighter V: New Champions Alpha edition followed by “Ultra Street Fighter V: We Might have it right this time”. Just do us a favor and bring back the fun of the fighting genre, and we are all good because this game looks great so far.


Shifting gears a bit, we are going to take a look at a long awaited space exploration, No Man’s Sky. This is the game that makes you forget about open world, and instead uses open Galaxies, which I have to admit it intimidated me. This is any space fans dream of traveling the cosmos where you discover new worlds and new solar systems. The choice is beyond what I expected, where you can stay in space and fight in a war, or land on a nearby planet to explore or destroy. You pretty much have the freedom to be a space-exploring a-hole if you wish.

It is all about choices, and I have to agree that the ship does look like a closed X-Wing from Star Wars. In that regard,  I wonder if you will be able to have a different ship or upgrade your weaponry. How will you interact with other players, and will the game go in-depth as in what species you can be? These are important factors that I think will make things interesting.



There are certain developers that make me raise an eyebrow, but I do like their gumption in trying something new that could benefit particular gamers. This game, known as Dreams, will give PlayStation 4 users the ability to be creative in an oil painting-like environment with some puppeteer controls. There is nothing like interacting with other players by entering their creative dreams, which could be something pleasant or horrific. By the way, that Teddy bear in the trailer below was kind of creepy.

It is quite impressive, and I find it would benefit those that would like to create their own world. Hell, this might be a gateway for a new game developer out there. So I give Sony props for always trying to step outside of the normal in order to see what creativity could bring them.


There on Sony, so please check back for part 2 of this post. E3 is happening all week, and there is a lot of cover, so please check out my fellow writers’ posts on EA, Ubisoft, and Microsoft. Stay frosty gamers!

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