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You know what I miss the most about video games? The imagination and the silly characters. I remember a time when gaming had more interesting characters and challenging platformers. We had the Crash Bandicoots, Spyro’s, hell even Cool Spot. As the graphics got better it seems the imagination took a grown-up turn in a way. Not for all just for some, I mean Naughty Dog started off with Crash then Jak & Daxter to now Uncharted. It is not all bad, but I do miss the balance. Thankfully we have indie developers bringing that nostalgia back and here I have Eliosi’s Hunt made by TDZ Games.

Seriously, this game reminds me of Wild 9 or Earthworm Jim in a sense which is great and as you saw in the video above. The game has its challenges and interesting exploration, but there still needs some fine tuning to be had. I would suggest the targeting system be tweaked a bit, because it felt a bit laggy and at times would get stuck. Since his little helper his Drone reminds me of the drones in R-Type and I understand that it gives you the ability to dash as well as a shield, but I am hoping for some offensive upgrades.

Getting To Know Eliosi:

You play as Eliosi, an ingenious Zelicyan who dreams of becoming a bounty hunter but completing his first contract will be more challenging than he thinks. Little did he know that his target, Sieverr, was up to a lot more than just doing illegal research in his hidden factory in the swamps.


The Team


Eliosi’s Hunt is powered by the Unreal Engine giving its amazing look and as of right now I am all in. There will be an early access drop of the game set to start on September 28th of 2016 and as stated in my video they have a playable demo that you can try out now. The final version is estimated to release by February of 2017 for PC and hopefully for Mac as well as Linux if goals are met. There is also ambitions for a PS4 and Xbox One release, so keep an eye out for that. Hell, try to be some of the speedrun leaders as shown below.



The TDZ Games Kickstarter is now live so please head on over, give the game a shot and hopefully you will be pleased with the results to become a backer. I will say that the backer tiers are way more reasonable than some other kickstarters that I’ve helped out that shows that they really care more about our wallets as gamers. I hope you enjoyed this preview and be sure to add your e-mail to the subscribe box to stay up to date on future information on this game and many others. Stay frosty gamers!

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