Escape Dead Island Pre-order Trailer

There is a particular art style that I enjoy the most when it comes to certain video games. The cel shaded look works very well with particular titles and the first time I was introduced to it was a game called Jet Grind Radio. That’s right the Japanese version for the Dreamcast and then XIII for the Xbox which was amazing, however still not many games utilize this particular art form, but when they do it looks amazing. In this pre-order trailer of Escape Dead Island, you will get that cel shaded art style in a lovely way. There is an abundance of color and the cartoon style works well for a zombie game. Keep in mind that this is the EU trailer, but the NA release date is on November 18th.



I am digging (excuse my slang) the idea of turning this into a psychological survival zombie game. It seems our hero is going through some issues in his own mind while trying to survive the zombie outbreak on the island. I am quite interested in how this turns out and hope it is not a bland storyline. In that get ready this Tuesday for Escape Dead Island and for our EU friends the game will be released on November 21st. I hope you enjoyed this preview and check back for our review. Stay frosty gamers!


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