Fear Effect Sedna Backer Demo Update

Greetings fellow backers and welcome back to a new update for Fear Effect Sedna. I am pleased to announce that there will be a demo available to backers that go over 60 dollars.


In that, we go into more about the gameplay in which the good people at Sushee answered many backers questions.


So, what will it look like?

As many of you asked us for more precisions about the gameplay, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Is it a turn-based tactical game or is the action in real time?

The action will be in real time, though you will be able to pause – or rather “slow down a lot” – the game to decide which actions will be done in the next seconds. Movements, attacks and skills can be piled up so that you can build chain reactions and anticipate the enemy’s reactions.

Why the choice for real-time versus turn-based?

We thought that real-time suited Fear Effect better. With that active slow-motion system (we don’t have a name for it yet), we believe we will be able to create a tense and nerve-racking mood, much more than with a turn-based gameplay where you have all the time you want to plan on your next attack.

Will there be a fog of war, and if yes, how will it look like?

There will be a kind of fog of war, but it will be related to the characters field of view. In other terms, you will only see what Hana, Rain, Glas, Deke and Axel are able to see themselves. Enemies will thus be able to hide behind objects, wall or silently crawl behind them if you don’t look back sometimes!

Will there be a tree of skills for the characters as in a classic RPG?

Every character will have a specific set of skills, depending on her or his personality. Some of Rain’s passive skills will rely on her ability to disguise, for example, whereas Deke’s abilities will reflect a more… brutal approach. We chose to set the skills for each character, so that they really reflect the way they behaved in the previous episodes.

How deep will the strategies go?


It is hard to say at the time. One thing we’re sure about, is that we don’t want players to be able to run all the time and shoot at everything to finish the game. Two gameplay mechanics will be specific to fear Effect: Sedna:

  • We will implement combined skills: each couple of characters will have their special combined ability, and you will only be able to trigger them when they are next to each other.
  • The stress gauge will have a crucial importance, as your skills set at a given point depends on the character’s stress level. The higher it is, the more brutal the skills will be… but a full gauge will have a negative impact on the character’s health and behavior.

Will there still be puzzles?

We are fond of puzzles, as some of you may have seen with our previous game, Goetia. They are a very important part of what makes Fear Effect special, so there definitely will be puzzles in Fear Effect: Sedna! Some of them might even end in blood if you hesitate too much…


Fear Effect Sedna looks to be very impressive and grants the fans what they wanted for in a long time. We shall keep you updated as more information develops, but please head on over to the kickstarter and become a backer today. Stay frosty gamers!

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