Final Fantasy VII Remake, but Episodic?

Damn at the latest PlayStation Experience there was a lot of interesting and hyped induced content going on. The big kicker was seeing the actual gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 remake and not a re-mastered or reproduced, but a full on remake with those delicious graphics. However….and that is a big however the plan is to make it episodic.

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This news came from IGN:

This devastating news originally was shared by another gamer Elly Honda who from as long as I known her is a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. I mean come on SquareEnix you had us at hello, but you are about to make many fans say good bye. I for one was not expecting that king of news drop and it is started to feel like a money scheme where we don’t get the full experience unless you pay for the fuel each time.

..I blame the success of Life is Strange. Ugh. Don’t do this please.

Elly Honda


I felt the plea from that and it made me wonder as I saw the VGA’s (Video Game Awards) showing off other episodic games like the new Batman that will be made by Telltale and of course the success of The Walking Dead as well as Minecraft Stories. I like some of these games because it is more of a point and click adventure while Final Fantasy is way more than just that. The Wolf Among Us is one of my favorite series, but it made sense to be put in episodes of that nature.

If you look at the preview video below you would see how it would be a bit of a concern to have in episodes if they are going to have the gameplay like Final Fantasy XV, take a look.

As you can see this seems to be a fast paced game that does not feel like it fits in the episodic genre. I just don’t understand why we can’t just get a full game? Is it the space? Nah, that can’t be it, even if the original was multiple disc. Are they worried of the popularity will conflict with FFXV? Nah that would be silly because fans would still will get both or complete FF7 before the release of 15. So what the heck is the problem here Square?


Update from Dengeki Online

My translation is horrible, but Kotaku broke it down from what they were saying.

“If you did get it into a single release, there would be things we’d have to put into a shortened compilation,” Tetsuya Nomura, FFVII’s character designer, added. “Since we thought there would be stuff we would probably have to pare down and supplemental things we probably couldn’t add, we decided to divide it up, concluding that we have to do a remake that’s fully packed with content.”


So my original thought was right that it could be a space issue, which is not surprising since one game that comes to mind that Hideo Kojima made as you know MGS almost took up a whole Blu-Ray until he had to cut down some cut-scenes.

“With the Sector 1 and Sector 8 areas shown in the most recent trailer are quite dense. “If we took everything that’s in the original game and remade it at that quality, we couldn’t get it all on a single release,” – Kitase.

Well damn when you think about it was a huge game from the beginning, so pushing the limits of a 50 GB Blu-Ray disc making it double disc is something that most of us are not ready to go back too. Damn talk about putting us in a cross road of feelings.

Well now that you know the deal how do you feel about it? Please leave your thoughts and comments below and we shall see how this all plans out into the New Year. Stay frosty gamers!


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