Finally Playing Overwatch Beta on PS4

All right let us get it out there for those of you that have already played the beta on PC for a long…long time now. It’s cool, you are the elites, but there are still a select few that have yet to try the beta on console nor have downloaded it for some strange reason. I mean it is free to download and I’ve had conversations this weekend with people that are curious, but won’t download it. Well, that’s why I am doing this kind of work I guess, so I give you a video to set an icebreaker and then we go into details.

So…About those Graphics:


This game is pretty as F*CK and I know I’ve had said that graphics don’t matter in my past post as well as discussions, but dammit this game is pretty as F*ck for real. I see much potential in the art designs and the diverse locations that we have battles at. I am already looking around to see if there are toy productions in the works. I would love to have some of my favorites in my collection. I’ve noticed that I pick some characters that can go up and above the environments to get a better look at the layout. For example, Genji can scale walls being a ninja that he is, so checking out the level from different angles was a treat.

Now for those that can fly you can get a nice birds eye view of the terrain for a short period of time.Pharah would be a nice choice to do a rocket boost in the air while using the limited flight just to take in the scenery for scouting and enjoyment purposes. I took the risk just to do that very thing and it was worth it.

That’ll Do, talk about The Gameplay please!


I am going to put this out there right now, if you are a regular in the First Person Shooter genre and I mean Call of Duty. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU USED IN C.O.D AND DO NOT BRING IT HERE! I can’t stress that enough, you can’t be Rambo, you are not Robocop or any other solo action hero. This is a team game area where you need to play your role to help out the team to succeed. If you are worried about team kills, well guess what? The kills are shared. If you put in some damage just like your partner you both get the elimination. If everyone attacked the same guy then the team gets the kill. It will say “TEAM KILL” above which eliminates all you butt hurt players crying about getting only an assists and not the kill.


There are different classes to go through. The first row is your DPS, second Defense, then Support and finally, healers.

Offense Heroes: 

  • Soldier: 76 (Pretty decent)
  • Tracer (Annoying, but I respect her)
  • Pharah (Badass Flight Soldier)
  • Genji (my second choice)
  • Reaper (First Choice)
  • McCree (Six Shooter Badass)

Defense Heroes:

  • Junkrat (He reminds me of Joker)
  • Bastion (This guy…)
  • Widowmaker (mmmm hot sniper)
  • Hanzo (Watch that Dragon Wave)
  • Mei (She is so adorable, but chilly)
  • Torbjörn (Pretty strong little guy)

Tank Heroes:

  • Roadhog (Large and Brutal)
  • Reinhardt (Love this guy and that shield)
  • Zarya (she is my babe)
  • D.Va (Vampy cosplayed her and she is beast in this game)
  • Winston (Watch his Berserk Mode)

Support Heroes:

  • Mercy (Easy Healer to start with)
  • Symmetra (Not my favorite)
  • Lucio (Dude Got beats and Healing Skills)
  • Zenyatta (He confuses me at times)

I want to take a step back a bit and talk about some of our more melee heroes. In terms of Genji and Reinhardt who I feel need a 3rd person view option. All right before you go aggro on me about this hear me out. Now, in terms of Genji using his shurikens as weapons I am cool with that staying in FPS, but when he uses his Alt “Dragonblade” it should switch to the third person for that moment. In Reinhardt’s case, he should be in 3rd person all the time, even though he does switch to 3rd person when using his shield and shoulder charge. He waves a huge hammer and it is hard to see around this character in FPS mode. Huge blind spots for his size and takes a bit of time to turn around.

Reinhardt Gif

In fairness, if you have a good squad to watch your back while you are protecting their front as a tank, it should be no problem.

In that certain characters are slower than others, but they all seem to be overpowered if you know how to use them properly. For example, Reaper is slow, but has high damage and it is not wise to spray and pray with him. Be patient and stay on target to get the maximum effectiveness of his twin guns. The best way to use him is to flank as he has a Shadow Step ability that not only helps him move faster, but also makes him invulnerable from attacks. The downside is you can’t attack back, so get in kill and shadow step out so you will not get ganked.

I will have to agree with Emochi in trying out everyone. You can get a good idea of each character and just pick your favorites from there, but at least you know who to deal with and how to deal with their abilities. I am looking at you Bastion players…I see you!

Reaper Gif


I was a bit judgy on the gameplay at first, but once I got into the game with a cool squad and of course going into some practice rounds to get a better understanding. In short I got my pre-order ready and looking forward to when the game drops on May 24th of this month. The beta is almost over, so if you don’t mind I am going to end the weekend on that. I hope you enjoyed the preview and please check out my youtube for more videos. Stay frosty gamers!

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