First Exhibitor List for Play NYC 2019

This is my 3rd year heading to Play NYC where you get to see amazing new developers make unique video games. This is a great event for anyone to see how games are made and see new minds create new adventures for you the gamers. This is also a great way to get a start if you are a developer and network with others or possibly see about Playcrafting classes. Let’s check out the Exhibitors list. 

Play NYC Exhibitors List:
  • Wirescribe Corp
  • Astral Clocktower Studios
  • WhaleFood Games
  • One Method Monkey
  • Windy Games
  • Hot Chocolate Games
  • Ape Tribe Games
  • MindIsle Games
  • That Indie Studio
  • Computer Lunch
  • Decoy Games
  • MHarris Games
  • Scary Good Studios
  • RTEmit Studio
  • Pseudozapp
  • Hero: Tales of the Tomes
  • Haiduc
  • KinSoul Studio
  • Zero Eden Games

Play NYC is New York City’s premier game convention for creators and players. It features games of all platforms, showcasing the latest projects from studios and developers from all five boroughs and beyond. Launched in 2017, Play NYC celebrates every facet of gaming in a way that only this city can.

Tickets are now on sale right now and you can click here to get yours or if you want to be part of the show with your own game click here. I am looking forward to checking out the new titles or the progression of last year games. This beast will be making the grounds, as usual, to check out the progress, because it is historic to see new titles evolve.

The event kicks off on August 10-11 which is a great weekend. See you there! – Beast Out – 

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