First Impressions of Evolve Alpha

Best way to end October is to have a nice game of Monster hunting. Hello everyone and welcome to our first impressions post of Evolve Alpha that is currently going on this weekend. I do have a few codes to give away for those that are interested in playing, but that will be posted later on. In that lets discuss what is going on with a game of 4 vs 1.


For those that do not know, Evolve is a game centered around four characters each having their own special class to hunt down a deadly beast. The trick here is that with four playable characters versus one other player which at first seems unfair until you get into the game. The idea is all around tactics for both parties and the Monster being the solo fighter has to use all its cunning and instincts to level up so it will be able to take us out. Now through out my experience I never got a chance to play as the monster since I recently found out that if I am in a party, I shall never be the monster. It is fair because if I were to become the monster while being with my party, I could just purposely die or my friends could just let me kill them for the XP.


The classes are pretty straight forward with Assault, Medic, Support and a new class which fits for the game called Trapper. So far I played as Assault, Medic and Support, but if I were to choose it would have to be the Assault class. I find the weapons to be very effective for my liking and having a shield that grants me invulnerability is a plus. I also had my assault rifle and mines, but the real joy was the lightening gun where I had just upgraded to give it more range. It can take out multiple enemies and reminds me of a proton pack or the emp gun from the matrix. In that the Assault is pretty much the Tank of the group and I can dig that.


The Medic is fitted with a sniper rifle that tags enemies with weak points for your teammates to target. You will have equipped a medgun, Healing burst, and tranquilizer. As you know keeping the medic alive is crucial, but that tranquilizer comes in handy to not knock out the enemy, but to slow them down as we attack. The Support class is interesting because he features a carpet bomb, shield regenerator and cloaking. The trapper has a pet that helps revive and an arena dome to keep the monster in the area while we work our magic. The monster on the other hand was a whole other thing to deal with, but as I stated I have yet to try it out. However from observation of a good player utilizing the environment and stalking us while upgrading to the max level of three. It takes all of us just to take it down.


In the end Evolve Alpha has shown us a nice preview of what to expect and already some of my teammates have unlocked other skins for each class and weapon upgrades are impressive. I am going to head back on later tonight, so if you want to join in on PC feel free to add Kumakreations on steam. If you do not have an Alpha code, check out the video below. I hope you enjoyed this post and looking forward to when Evolve releases on February 10th for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Also hit up to make a pre-order now. Stay frosty gamers!


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