First Impressions of Gangsta Anime

I will admit that I am not to big of a fan when it comes to the cute anime. I can watch it and at times tolerate it, but my anime favorites go with Black Lagoon, Outlaw Star, Ghost in the Shell and pretty much any anime that has a badass tone to it. I’ve been in a dry spell lately on certain animes to watch within that same genre and now premiering is Gangsta written by Khoske back in 2010 as a manga. Now you can enjoy this in full motion, but does it live up to my expectations?

Enter the world of two Handymen who take on jobs for both the mob and crooked cops. The first is Nicolas “Nic” Brown who has a unique gift. He is known as a Twilight and no he does not sparkle, but he does have superhuman abilities that help him through the jobs he has to deal with. He is also identified as “Dog Tags” just like other Twilights’ that share his unique skills. Nic is also deaf which he only communicates through sign language at times, unless he really needs to prove a point and actually speaks. Then there is Worick Arcangelo who unlike Nic does not have any special powers besides being gifted with a silver tongue when business needs a vocal approach. Worick is also a gigolo by trade and is the front man of the Handymen group, but being from an elite family also has its perks. Finally we have Alex “Ally” Benedetto who was a former prostitute from an abusive boss. Now it is funny how her nickname is Ally as she mostly does her business in an alley, but after a certain job she became unemployed, but luckily the handymen needed a reliable secretary. You can say that she found a new way use her mouth muscles in a more corporate setting.

This is just the beginning in their adventure since the Handymen mostly have been just a duo, but now with a third they seem to becoming more of a professional trade. Hopefully your contract will not be on their desk, because work is always appreciated.


So…Is It Watchable?

Gangsta’s first episode starts off slow as expected where you are first watching any show it gives you an idea of who the characters are and what to expect. Even with the slow beginning and some comedic quips thrown in I found it quite enjoyable. It was a bit predictable with a anime showcasing two badass guys lounging around and the panel drops to a scene with a woman being beaten. At that point I figured that she was going to play a key role from jump since they keep going back to Ally throughout the episode. There is nothing wrong with predictable, but as long as you are not too predictable where it is boring.


The action finally kicks off and we get a glimpse at what kind of abilities Nic has which is pretty much your super speed and super strength. In that I feel he can do more in the coming episodes where I feel he will unleash some serious punishment. Worwick shakes things up a bit as well, but it is clear that Nic is the muscle in this partnership and I am okay with that. Worwick brings the right kind of a-hole quality that you can respect in a character, but there is one scene I would like to share with you. Please take a look.


You have to give props to famed director Murase Shukō who has done work on Samurai Champloo, Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers, and Witch Hunter Robin just to name a few series. Most of those are my all time favorite series and just shows why Gangsta has that gritty style to it.

So, What Say You?

Gangsta is going to be on my must watch list from here on out and I am looking forward to see how well the story plays out. If you have read the manga, you’re already ahead of the game. I will admit that this one slipped under my radar so I will be checking out the Manga before the next episode hits. In that check out Gangsta by any means you can and as for Kuma, I give this anime 4 out of 5 paws. I hope you enjoyed this first impression and please check back for more anime reviews. Stay frosty!

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4 Responses to First Impressions of Gangsta Anime

  1. Darron Williams says:

    I watched it and was pleasantly surprised. I like the realness of the characters. Ally was my favorite because she showed the most range with what she was given. Nic is awesome. Like watching Kenshin as a badass deaf dude. Anyway it’s on my watch list this year.

  2. Marjorie Kei Garcia says:

    My friend told me about the manga, but I didn’t read it right away because I was busy. When I learned that my favorite voice actors will be voicing Worick and Nicolas, I suddenly became interested, and now, I am totally loving the whole series! The OP song is really catchy, and the art was amazing. I totally dig Nic and Worick’s chemistry as partners.

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