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It’s finally here guys. After many years since the end of Dragon Ball Z, we get an unexpected treat of an awesome new show called Dragon Ball Super. Let’s dive in shall we?

Right off the bat, the story takes places after Kid Buu is defeated by our heroes. We are told that using the dragon balls, they wished for the citizens on earth to forget the chaos that Buu caused. We see the lives of our heroes as they go about living peacefully for once, since there’s no threat to earth….for now.

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This series seems to be using some very good key elements when making a show. There are multiple stories in one episode to keep the viewers interested. One minute we see Goku doing some farm work the next minute we see Beerus and Whis up to no good in a far off planet. Speaking of which, if this is before the Dragon Ball movie Battle of Gods, how is Beerus awake? Isn’t he supposed to be having his thousand or so year nap? Either way, this is probably a good thing since there doesn’t seem to be any conflict in the show yet, so Beerus might fill that role. Speaking of fill, if you don’t want Beerus to blow up half your planet, go easy on the salt in you dishes.

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The story takes another turn with Goten and Trunks. The duos go on their own adventure to find a wedding present for Vidal which was pretty cute. It gave us viewers the nostalgia of the old Dragon Ball show where Goku was a kid, although not that many people remember watching it. It’s nice to bring back that kid element to the modern day viewers. Hopefully we can get more Goten and Trunks screen time since the only thing that their famous for is their fusion back in the Buu Saga.


Hercule (or Mr. Satan for all you hardcore fans) lives the life of fame once again as he takes all the glory of “saving the world”. Of course he didn’t do it by himself so he decides to give the reward money to Goku, after some debate. Buu is still hanging out with Hercule, probably for the chocolates, but other than that they still are pretty good friends in a weird way.


As for Vegeta, he was not in this episode, but in the near future we know he shall show up angry as ever. Overall, I love this new Dragon Ball show. It has potential and with Akira Toriyama behind the pen, it’s Dragon Ball damn it! Thank you all for checking out this review, so be sure to check out the English sub of episode one and I’ll catch you guys next time! Oh, did I forget to mention Krillin? Apparently he has a baby from the looks of the end credits. Until then, Let’s Make Magic!

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