For Honor: Marching Fire Update

It’s a good day, a good day for updates! Video game updates that is. Who doesn’t like a good update? Whether it’s fixing broken characters, glitches, or adding extra good to further expand play, keeping a game update for players is always a positive thing. Ubisoft has been at work updating its weapons based, fast-paced competitive combat melee fighter For Honor: Marching Fire.

Today Ubisoft unveiled the trailer for the new clan, the Wu Lin. And they didn’t stop there. Ubisoft has also taken the liberty of adding four new heroes, technical upgrades, and new single and multiplayer modes.

This is a nice introduction to the Wu Lin Faction warriors which consist of Jiang Jun wielding the guandao, a Staff using monk named Shaolin, Tiandi who has a harsh burden and wields a huge board sword. THen finally we have Nuxia, who uses a spotted hooked sword.

Let’s break down breach for those that are not familiar with this new mode. It is a 4vs4 where one team will attack and the other team will defend. It is simple enough until you realize you have to defend a lord for the invaders. This will make things tricky, but quite fun. In addition to this mode, there will be an unlimited mode for solo and coop to go against the A.I. It is quite fascinating.

Normally I go on about what I think it will do for the game based upon the trailer. Despite having For Honor shitting on the shelf with the rest of the Xbox One library, I haven’t ever played it. Between the reviews and personal studies, I just never got around to playing it. Perhaps this update will compel me to give it a good. What are your thoughts on the update? Anyone here looking forward to it?


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