G.I.Joe Baroness Statue Details

Embrace this new Dawn after a strong gamer, geek, and nerd weekend with Pop Culture Shock’s Baroness 1:4 scale statue. This is pulling on my nostalgia strings, because even though she was a solider of Cobra which were villains. Baroness was still a badass in her own right, next to Scarlet.

The Baroness is here in the name of Cobra!

The Baroness Statue measures 22” tall as the ruthless lieutenant straddles the turret cannon of the Moray while it sinks beneath the water.  Blue translucent waves churn against the red hydrofoil as Baroness stands her ground, waiting for extraction from the battle against G.I. Joe.

The Baroness features an entirely sculpted costume inspired by her classic animated appearance.  Her sleek black catsuit, boots, and grey gloves have dynamic textures that mimic the movement of real fabric, along with grey piping accents for detail.  Her determined portrait includes her famous black-rimmed glasses, while red lipstick and the Cobra logo on her chest add a pop of color to her dark look.  The Baroness is armed with a pistol and rifle, making this femme fatale a dangerous beauty to behold.

The Baroness statue is for collectors with a price of $550 or you can do a payment plan $61.88 a month. Here is what you get in the box.

– Approx Dims 22″(56cm)h x 20″(51cm)d x 19″(48cm)w
– Est Ship Date: May – Jul 2020
– Edition Size: 250
– Includes :

  • Polystone figure
  • Highly Detailed Cobra Moray Base
  • Certificate of Authenticity

You can pre-order the Baroness to add to your collection right now by clicking here. The estimated time for arrival will be between July – 2020 to Sept. 2020. Be sure to check back for other great statues and figures. – Beast Out – 

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